Micro Modal Bamboo Quick Dry
Supima Cotton
Features Silky Touch Breathable Quick Dry Moisture Wicking
Fabrication 92% Micro Modal+8% Spandex 95% Bamboo Rayon+5% Spandex 91% Polyamide/ 9% Spandex 94% Supima Cotton+6% Spandex
Modal fabric is a super soft fiber made from beech trees.  It is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage. 
Bamboo fabric allows moisture to evaporate into the air quickly. So when you sweat, you won’t stay wet. Bonus – bamboo fabric is super light and silky soft too!
They are in your ultimate travel packing list. 
You just need one or two pieces you can beat the crap out of, hand wash, and hang to dry in a few hours.
Cotton is naturally breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin. You’re more comfortable because your body can regulate its temperature efficiently and the fabric touching your skin has a dry, nonsticky feel.