4 Pack Bamboo Rayon Briefs

Black/Navy Blue/Olive Green/Gray
Black/Dark Gray

If you don’t satisfied with your first pair of underwear, it’s on us.

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  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • VERSATILE PERFORMANCE: Made from Bamboo Rayon--a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. It is featured with good air permeability, instant moisture wicking, lightweight and stable dyeing property. Also the cheap underwear briefs for men in briefs.
  • Mens Bamboo Underwear with Ultra soft fabric, more breathable and lightweight than mens cotton underwear. Truly comfortable mens underwear.
  • 3D U-POUCH FOR ULTRA ROOMY: Ultra U-pouch design added onto the under pants to provide more space for men's private parts without extrusion or constraint. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our boxer briefs with pouch.
  • Strong and soft stay put waistband with classic logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to your skin.Truly mens designer underwear.
  • NBC NEWS Recommended: David Archy Men's Bamboo Rayon Briefs were recommended by NBC NEWS as "Best men's underwear 2020." According to the article, "Those are very designed for a guy to look his best for when he's just wearing his underwear."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
100% elimination of chapped skin.

At first, they feel uncomfortably snug in your under region but it��s because they cover every inch of skin to completely eliminate skin rubbing. No matter how hot and sweaty you get, your twigs and berries will be safe in these.

Amazing feeling! Try them!

The. Most. Comfy. Underwear over ever worn, I have always just worn what mama bought me. and after the last couple pairs I had left of froot of the lume disinagrated i thought it was time to buy some big boy underwear. And by golly these are like heaven on your skin. I liked them so much that's all I wanted for Christmas this year, some amazing underwear

Supreme comfort for your package.

Really, it just makes sense. Why do all other boxer briefs seem to think the best way to support you manhood is by smashing it against your perrenium? These dual pouch boxer briefs are made from extremely soft and breathable micro modal and the design supports your boys comfortably without compression and allows separate space for your main member because, why not? It's kind of like a soft gloved hand is gently cradling your goods all day, but no need to reciprocate. I have usually preferred under armour boxer briefs, but may have just been converted to David Archy!

Perfect (Update)

After years of purchasing and trying dozens of different types of underwear. I purchased one box of these as they appeared to be what I was looking for and THEY ARE PERFECT. Now, here's my problem: received my package 3 days ago and I'm here READY TO PURCHASE 3 OR 4 MORE BOXES...... Surprise, there are NONE AVAILABLE ! That's my own disappointment. If you can find them, buy it!

Oops... I just realized that I can order more (only the previews color pkg was not available.... what a relief! Just placed my order for 3 more boxes in "different colors". I feel great that I checked the item again and found what I overlooked. Thanks.

Great fit and feel

I have only had them for a month but so far they seem to be excellent. I am in a desert environment that it routinely stays above 100 degrees for days. So they breath well. I will try to update if they don��t turnout to be durable.

Important! Order one size up. They run small

Incredibly soft, fit great, makes your package look fantastic (according to my wife.) Seem to be well made, in the 6 months I've worn them I have noticed no wear and tear in the crotch area like other expensive brands I've worn. I bought these on sale 2 pair of and 2 pair of green. I would buy again. Make sure to order up a size. I wear 36 inch jeans and buy XL for trunks or boxer briefs to allow for shrinking etc. I did the same with these and maybe should have even gone XXL. The pairs I ordered have no slit for your dick. but, honestly, I haven't had issues peeing just sort of pull them to the side.