3 Pack Micro Modal Boxer Briefs with Fly 

Dark Gray
Black/Navy Blue/Wine
Black/Navy Blue/Dark Gray

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  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Soft Fabric: Bamboo Rayon here is a kind of Rayon fiber extracted from natural materials-bamboo. It is featured with good air permeability, light weight, ultra soft and breathable. Very suitable for mens boxer briefs, boxer underwear.
  • Stay-put Waistband:David Archy team is committed to manufacturing the most comfortable boxer briefs. Boxer briefs for men with soft touch and good elasticity, will not roll down or leave marks.
  • 3D Dual Pouch with Fly: Boxer briefs with pouch. Have more room for men's private parts, no squeeze any more.
  • No Riding Up: Men's boxer trunks with 6.5 inches leg length can avoid riding up for daily wearing no matter sitting in the office, taking a walk or jogging.
  • No Wedgies: One piece clean cut in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort, bring the best boxer briefs for men.
  • NOTE: Please kindly refer to the size chart to find your fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Comfortable, light briefs made from tech material

Was looking for briefs with thinner tech material instead of cotton. I have Under Armour compression briefs for workouts, and the softer material in those got me thinking about a similar material for everyday wear. That said, UA stuff, and others, are $20 or more per brief, so found these at $20 for 4 on Amazon. Tried them, liked them and bought a few more packs and have now retired my cotton briefs for these. They wear nicely, snug but not tight and are very comfortable.

I love these! They are so comfortable and a much ...

I love these! They are so comfortable and a much needed improvement has been made! My last of these I bought were tight in the front, bt I got used to it and liked them anyway, gave them 4 stars. Now I give them 5!! They have been redesigned a bit to accommodate dudes with a lager than average package and what a difference! Now I can breathe and there is plenty of room. So much room it feels like sometimes freeballing it and wearing nothing underneath! They are great for those, like me, who wear kilts!!

I bought more...

I originally purchased these for a trip to Europe this summer so I have been using them for about 3 months or so. I looking for something that would be comfortable and dry quickly. They are long enough to stay in place and keeping inner thighs from chaffing when walking distances on hot days (I am/was a fan of boxers but this was becoming a problem with them for me). There is enough room in front and they are VERY soft. There is a thinner waist band than I have had before, but it has been fine., no rolling or getting out of place. I had tried some other more name brands in my search but found them to baggy, thick or tight overall. These fit well and are not baggy, but do not feel tight. Overall I recommend them.

Thank you sir, may I have another!

I was getting boxer briefs that would ride up after some time, and after getting my first 4 pairs, and LOVING these, I ordered another 4. I just hope they are not cheap quality and they last and hold up. So far I highly recommend these. They have a extension in the front for your "package" comfort, and it does work. I did see some others they have, but geez, I don't know yet!

So far these are great. Just need to see how they last!

Important to note. I cannot wear polyester or most synthetic materials. this feels thin enough to be a natural feeling and soft fabric. I really like it.

Bought as a gift, he loves them!

Got these during Prime Day sale for my brother. Weird, I know! But he is going away to college and wants to overhaul his shabby worn out high school wardrobe. I live too far away to take him shopping for real, and prime day didn't really have any clothes except underwear, so I asked if he needed some and he said HECK YES! He likes the shorter "trunk" style shorts instead of the longer boxer briefs, and he was weirdly stoked about the deep colors. When they arrived, I asked him about the fit and quality and he said they were perfect and extremely soft. These are modal, and he has some other modal underwear from Me Undies, so I think these would be comparable to those, but definitely more affordable.

Underwear and fly rods weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Nothing better than fly fishing with a bamboo fly rod while wearing bamboo underwear. These fit well and are cool and comfortable. Bamboo is an amazing material it has both great strength while being flexible. It is my hope that these will wear as well as a fine bamboo rod. Only time will tell. I have a 32 waist and the small fits very well. My wife thinks I look good in them and at 58..................what more could I want.
Oh, my wife brought this up and I just want to warn everyone. Beware of Pandas!!