4 Pack Long Leg Boxer Briefs Underwear

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  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex.
  • Versatile Performance: Made from Bamboo Rayon-a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo, the bamboo rayon underwear for men is breathable and moisture wicking. The most comfortable mens swim trunks here.
  • Men's Long Boxer Briefs for No Ridding Up: With 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches & 8 inches-long leg length, the mens pouch boxer trunks underwear in pack does better than other mens underwear in regards to the ride up problem.
  • 3D Ultra U-Pouch for Extra Roomy: Ultra U-pouch design added onto the sexy under pants to provide more space for men's private parts without extrusion or constraint. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our big pouch boxer briefs.
  • One-Piece Clean Cut: Improvement in the back that no wedgies in the middle of the trunks underwear without any embarrassed adjustment. Care you in a thoughtful way.
  • Functional Front Fly: We make it ultimate soft and comfortable without sacrificing basic purpose. The David Archy men’s trunk underwear with front fly can meet all your demand in various aspects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I am a convert

I have been an supporter of that other product, you know the one that rhymes with JAXX........ HOWEVER.....These are as comfortable (and controlling) at a third of the price. I bought them twice and I will buy them again,

Softest underwear on the planet

Love the texture, feel and fit of these.

Work excellent as swim trunks for an unexpected swim

Was unexpectedly invited to take a late night swim by a beautiful woman I was out on a date with. These functioned admirably as swim trunks, although certainly a bit revealing they dried out almost immediately after the swim and I was able to put pants back on completely comfortably. Made a good underwear choice that day, and they are very comfortable and keep an otherwise sweaty guy nice and dry on normal wear days as well.

Never going back to cotton again

I'm a fat person. I usually sweat a lot and the cotton boxers tend to keep it. But these bamboo boxers are wonderfull, so much breathable and it doesn't keep the sweat like cottons do. I'm never going back to cotton boxers again

Silky, sturdy fabric. Very comfy.

These are great underwear. The fabric is thin and silky but very sturdy. I really like them.

I bought them because there was a really good price on Prime Day. I'm certainly going to buy them again.

Super soft

I recently ordered the Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks and wasn't sure if they would live up to the reviews. To my pleasant surprise, they do. These are the softest underwear a guy can wear. They are very comfortable. If you are wearing tight shorts or jeans, these are perfect. The only change I would make is that I should have ordered the boxer briefs instead of the trunks as because these are trunks, they don't do down the legs too much.