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3 Packs Micro Modal V-Neck Undershirt

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  • V-Neck Undershirt Material: 95% Bamboo Rayon + 5% Spandex
  • Flatten Lines Sewing: Exquisite appearance and less friction of seam to your skin, more than as basic layer shirt for suits, formal dress shirts, workout shirts, polos and sweaters, also as just T-shirt.
  • Bamboo Rayon Undershirts For Men: This fabric is soft, breathable and instant moisture-wicking, keeps you dry all day.
  • Classic Undershirt V Neck: Invisible when one button undone, perform well as basic undershirts beneath dress clothes.
  • Tag-free For Added Comfort: Tag-free design for scratchy free, improve the comfort of wearing.
  • Stay-Tucked Undershirts: Perfect length for better tucked in business shirts as base layer shirts. Also suitable as both underwear and outerwear.
  • Package Dimensions : 13.23 x 9.53 x 1.89 inches; 0.55 kilogram.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Structure and comfort

I really needed the three pack and I found it here at a great price. I use these for work shirts especially in this hot heat. I was looking for something similar to UNIQLO's Airism shirts and this is exactly it! It fits better for me and is just a tinge thicker in weight but this is a benefit. Another benefit is the 95% Bamboo rayon and 5% spandex. It feels like it has more structural integrity'Uniqlo's is 89% poly and 11% spandex. I needed these and they are a great price, especially the three pack. Thank you David Archy!

Gar Nelson
Great Undershirt

I'm 6' and 185#, and the L fits loosely, sort of like a HeatGear shirt would. If I had it to do over again, I'd buy the M since I bought them specifically to be an undershirt and not to wear alone. With the spandex content, these shirts are very stretchy and I suspect a size down would be perfect. However, I live in Thailand, and since they don't ship to Thailand and my secondary reshipping was equal to the cost of the shirts, I think I will just have to make due with a bit of excess material under my dress shirts. :-) The synthetic fabric is very smooth and soft, and I expect they will do just fine for casual, loose-fitting outer shirt duty. For tuckability, the length on these undershirts are the longest of any that I have. And given the spandex strechiness I expect they will have no problem staying tucked in.

Shhhh... fo NOT tell anyone about this product! :-)

I almost didn't leave a review because I seriously considered not telling anyone about how flat out incredible this material is! What is described as Micro Modal, is actually a product called Tencel. It is in VERY limited supply globally and with good reason. Google all the details about it, from only one production house in Australia to major companies only being able to put a small percentage of it into clothing they claim to be TENCEL. Etc etc. This stuff, especially at the 95% to 5% spandex ratio is GAME CHANGING! I live in Arizona - it's currently 115 degrees at 10pm at night. I have tried almost EVERY type of material to deal with heat - from Linen to Lycra and NOTHING feels like this. It whisks sweat away like a high powered fan. It feels like your PUTTING ON A REFRIGERATOR and it is BUTTERY SOFT on my very masculine - yet very sensitive skin.

Nothing compareS to a shirt made with over 90% tencel - not bamboo, not rayon, certainly not nylon, not polyester, not high priced performance fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers...NOTHING is as good at temperature control and anywhere near the softness. They are incredible and could be selling for five times the cost - look up Tencel shirts for men, and you'll find a bunch of big name brands offering ONLY A MIX OF 30,40, or maybe 50% TENCEL - with the rest being something horrible like polyester. Do not accept less than 90% and you will NOT BE disappointed. Even the other shirts from this manufacturer come nowhere close. I am currently researching how to invest in the Australian company that makes these fully biodegradable, zero CO2 emission, powerhouses of luxury comfort like you've never known. When I find out how I will probably put all of my money into the stock... ALL OF IT! So, I guess you could say I like the product - A LOT!!!!!!! - ps. Did someone say odor control too???? Holy Christmas!!!! - stay safe everybody - wear a mask :-)

Rashad Hamilton
Shirts are NICE

these shirts are awesome. Nice and form fitting, but stretchy enough that they're not uncomfortable. My only gripe is that once I washed it and let it air dry is that it didn't fit as nicely on the lower back. But other than that, it's a solid product.

Amazing fit and feel

I have been searching for the perfect t-shirt for years and I think I finally found it. Fits amazing and so comfortable.

paul leite

Well-made and perfect fit