3 Pack Bamboo Ryon Boxer Shorts

Sky Blue/Pale Green/Moonlight Blue
Black/Dark Gray/Navy Blue

If you don’t satisfied with your first pair of underwear, it’s on us.

Free Return. Free Exchange. Or 100% Fully Refund.

  • 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex.
  • Versatile Performance: Made from Bamboo Rayon-a kind of cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo, the bamboo rayon underwear for men is breathable and moisture wicking. The best material for men's boxer brief underwear.
  • Long Boxer Briefs for No Ridding Up: With 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches & 8 inches-long leg length, the mens pouch underwear in pack does better than other underwear in regards to the ride up problem.
  • 3D Ultra U-Pouch for Extra Roomy: Ultra U-pouch design added onto the sexy under pants to provide more space for men's private parts without extrusion or constraint. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our big pouch boxer briefs. Boxer briefs with pouch are most popular among men.
  • One-Piece Clean Cut: Improvement in the back that no wedgies in the middle of the males trunks underwear without any embarrassed adjustment. Care you in a thoughtful way.
  • Functional Front Fly: We make it ultimate soft and comfortable without sacrificing basic purpose. The mens boxer shorts with front fly can meet all your demand in various aspects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Highly recommend!

Guys, I'm not joking here when I say this but gosh darn it these are some of the most comfiest underwear I've ever tried. I plan on buying more so I'll never have to live without them. Do yourself a favor a go ahead and try them out, please...(:

UPDATE: So I went ahead and ordered a pack in grey and noticed they were slightly tighter and not as soft. I was disappointed since the first pack was so great. I went ahead and contacted their CS and was surprised to see them refund my money no questions asked so I could re-order them again in black and I still got to keep the grey pack. I am thoroughly impressed with the goodwill of this company. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Make your man happy!

I got these for my husband because his boxers were dying. I swear, he like loves me more now ?? They're so comfy, supportive, and BREATH! He was always saying how much he liked them so I stole a pair to wear around the house one day--amazing!

I won't wear any underwear other than these. Ever.

Alright gentleman, time for a little TMI. I often forget I'm wearing underwear with these they are so comfortable. I'm serious. I have literally questioned mid day (usually after lunch when I'm due for a caffeine kick) whether I put anything on before my pants this morning. No pinching. No squeezing. Just a lot of amazing support going on down there. Like a cloud has surrounded your twig and berries in a warm (but not too warm) embrace. The fabric is incredibly soft and smooth but not in a way that makes it weird. Couldn't recommend these more. Try them. But be prepared to throw out all your old ones. Yes, even the lucky ones because all others will pale in comparison. You've been warned.

The most comfortable underwear ever and amazing customer service!

First, this isn't Marie- it's her husband (the Amazon acct is in her name.) I work a job that requires me to wear dress pants and stand for 8-10 hours a day. Comfort is very important. I have tried just about every underwear brand and style available including the $20+ internet darling Me Undies. I liked the Me Undies but couldn't justify paying over $100 for a set to last the week. I saw the David Archy 4 pack of trunks discounted on Prime Day and decided that for about a quarter of the price of the expensive ones they were worth a try. I wear a size 34 pants so I ordered them in medium size.
They arrived a couple of days later and I was impressed as soon as I took them out of the box. They were silky soft and appeared very well made. The attached tag came off easily (I hate tags agianst my skin) and I gave them a wash. When i took them out of the dryer I realized that although they fit, they were a bit too snug for my comfort. I had already tore off the tags and washed them so I didn't feel right about trying to return them to Amazon. In the box they came in there was a nice note from the company stating that if I wasn't satisfied I should email them directly so I did, explaining my situation. In less than 24 hours I received a response from Patrick at David Archy. He asked for my address and within the next 24 hours sent me another email stating they were sending me another 4 pack in the large size at no cost to me! I just received them in the mail 3 days later and they are a great fit- not too snug but not too loose either. I actually prefer them to the $24 dollar brand! Thank you David Archy- you have made a customer for life! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

This soft!? Really!?

I needed new boxers, as tends to happen. Prime Day had a decent deal on a four pack, so I decided to give them a test run so to speak. It's been two days of excessive comfort. From the first feel in my hand, I was impressed by just how soft the fabric is. Not only are they soft, they still do a fantastic job of maintaining the status quo. I mean everything stays put and cradled as it should. I have not experienced any riding up or uncomfortable bunching, but again they are so soft I imagine they could not be uncomfortable.

If you are looking to try out a new set of soft performance type boxers, give these a go. You won't regret it.

They really are soft

Soft and sexy on the husband, he chooses these first I noticed of the clean laundry