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LOVE them

Great fit and comfortable

Thermal underwear

They are very comfortable and warm! They’re awesome!

Request for an exchange

Dear Ma'am or Sir,

I'd like to request an exchange for my Order 29133.

Reason: I ordered the wrong size. I need the XL size.

Could you please let me know the process I need to follow in order to exchange the order 29133 for an XL size?

Looking forward to your reply,

Its good, i recommend it

It's soft on the outside warm on the inside and it looks luxurious

Are you using AI?

I already gave a positive review. Your company constantly asking is troublesome. I told Bella. Why do you keep hassling me?

Soft as a cloud

I found that this pajama set is so comfortable that I can’t wait to put them on after a hard day’s work.
I usually don’t wear pajamas to sleep in, but I don’t mind wearing these all night long.

Mens drawstring sleep pants

Nice quality light weight cotton draw string sleep plants …bought two pair …nice light blue color … great to be able to offer bottoms only …


I just ordered these for the first time. Soft material. Great for guys who have a little more than others down there.

Bamboo rayon briefs finally

Finally somebody made some underwear and then wore them to see if they were comfortable. These are it and I am very appreciative. Top notch and not 30 dollars. Yay.

Looking forward

I am looking forward to getting them I believe that I will love them and order more just think that I ordered the wrong size would like to fix the problem before shipping.

Great Gift

My husband kept looking at this robe but didn’t purchase. I bought it as a gift for him and he has it on every chance he can. The quality of the fabric is amazing.

Beautiful Robe

My teenage son loves it! The quality is great; very soft.

Unacceptable Shipping

I ordered from the company because of promised date of delivery. Paid expedited shipping and received my package 8 days later. Ruined anniversary plans. Never order from this company again.

Plush Fleece Sleepwear Warm Cozy Pajama Set

Cotton Short Henley Pajamas Set

Slow boat from China

It has been 12 days and I still haven't received my order. I like the product but maybe you should produce it in America.
I want my money back or at least free shipping. Heck of a way to run a railroad.

Still waiting on my order.
Could you please tell me where it is.
I am getting the same response but no order

Great and classy shorts for lounging around

Comfortable shorts, true to size, soft and stretchy. I am 6’1” and 190, the large fit perfect. Plenty of room for the boys and they look great as well

Warmth, quality, comfort

I ordered this robe for both my husband and me. It is one of the nicest robes we've ever owned, superior even to pricey Ralph Lauren robes. Great quality, soft and comfy. The sleeves hit exactly where they should.

No Can Do

Well... they're still not here. The PO lists them as delivered but.... I never got them.

Very very nice sleep wear. Nice love it, Gary.

Thanks, I will be back. Gary

I have not received my order, an it says it should be here.

Good Trunks

Earlier shepherd I was reviewing the product I confused. I got two kind of trunks from David Archy: white separate dual pouch and dark soft combed cotton pouch trunks. The one with separate dual pouch is good for guys who spend time in hot environment like me. It keeps my member separate from balls. Better to order the right size or if you are not sure choose smaller size if you are average. The pouch part made of special fabric so if you get erected there’s enough room for your member. The Oder product with one pouch is good too, it even keeps your package under control better but in one place. This one 97% cotton. I like cotton. Both products are comfy and made of high quality material.

Excellent fit

Very comfortable

Very comfortable undershirt

I purchased 6 of the Cotton Rib V-Neck and have worn them daily for 2 weeks. This is my second David Archy cotton undershirt purchase. The last set after several years never lost their shape and fit. The new cotton shirts have a bit of stretch to them that allow the shirt to be worn somewhat tight and still very comfortable.