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Really comfortable

I bought these because I needed more socks for a vacation. When I got home, they were in the laundry and I had to wear my old socks. David Archy socks are way more comfortable than my old socks. They are soft and look good and don’t feel like a tourniquet around my toes like my old socks do.

Great Fit

Perfect comfortable fit.


Love these tees! They are great for the gym or even just for laying around the house. 10/10 recommend!

Great soft comfort!

Cuddly and warm!

3 Packs V-Shaped Micro Modal Breathable Trunks

Very comfortable

Nice fit. Great fabric and construction.

Great price, Great quality , Great fit ,

So Comfortable to wear , these are the best .


Not sure how to describe how great these are. I thought it was gimmicky and have tried many ‘separate’ pouch types but you guys nailed it. These feel fantastic to wear. Maybe a little to good LOL. I’ve replaced everything I own with these. Won’t wear anything else. Well done. If you are hesitating, don’t.

Love the feel

Super soft and comfortable. Hold its shape well after a long day. The support is great, remains to be seen how well the band works and whether it starts to roll after a few months of use and washes, which is one of the main criteria I have…

2 robeq

Love the robes. You guys sent me 2 for 1

Great briefs with great support

Great for everyday wear and for sleeping. The material is super comfortable--like wearing nothing at all. I really like these briefs--they hold everything in place. The colors are great.

Excellent product

Love the smooth texture of the fabric

Super comfortable

Super comfortable

Comfy shirts!!

These are some of the most comfortable shirts you can buy.

very comfortable in hot weather

I like the comfort in hot weather


I did not realize I was ordering briefs. My husband really liked the bikini size. He loves the comfort and feel of the fabric. Not the company’s fault. I also ordered the wrong size, so we will unfortunately have to regift them.

Thanks for reaching back out!

My apologies, I have received the clothing and they are perfect! All I ask is for the code for the TikTok campaign

Trunks, really?

I have never been a fan of trunks. They ride up and become uncomfortable. The best review I can give these trunks is that the first time I wore them I forgot I was wearing trunks. Super comfortable, light and soft.

I made the right decision

I really liked it. It’s warm and cozy. I feel expensive when I’m wearing it. I look forward to cooler days!

Sleepwear received very promptly

The sleepwear is extremely comfortable with with excellent features such as a fly and pockets. The sleepwear is very long, the average male in the US does not order 31 inch inseam. Because I like the sleepwear I will have then altered to a 28" inseam.

Ultra Soft Coral Fleece Microfiber Bathrobe

I love them

I already wrote one review, but here's another. These briefs feel great, they look great, the separate pouch is pure genius, and on top of everything else, they are equally 'quick release' whether you're left handed or right handed. I'm replacing all my other underwear with these, and these are all I'll wear from now on.

Very happy ,

I have been searching for Briefs ( not boxers) that will hold my Junk in place. I was constantly adjusting my balls so that I did not sit on them and I hate to have my Splendid Member bent and flopping around. This " Pouch " does the trick.
I am a total convert and now will try the other versions of your briefs.
Thank you ,