The benefits and precautions of "Going commando" for gentlemen.

Benefits and precautions of not wearing underwear

Recently We have collected a lot of questions about men’ s underwear. The following is a summary of our answers to your questions:


Q: When it comes to not wearing underwear, we all think of a word: Going commando, can you explain what it means ? What are the benefits for men?

A:  "Going commando" is actually a term. In terms, it refers to well-trained soldiers who are on standby at any time. So when you are not wearing any underwear, you can be ready to put on clothes at any time without causing trouble.


Q: Why would there be men who do not wear underwear at night, or even in ordinary life?

A: It is actually good for men not to wear underwear in their daily lives:

First, men feel that it will be easy without wearing underwear, and there will be no sense of restraint, so that private space can get incomparable freedom.

Secondly, just to save trouble, men really don't like to wash their underwear by hand. They can throw them in the washing machine, or even wear them for several days. After wearing them on the front, change the back, not letting go of every dead corner.

Third, in order to save money, underwear, as a consumable, should be washed at least 50-60 times a year according to the replacement frequency of 7 days a week. The service life of underwear on the market basically does not exceed one year. Unless you are really stingy, even if it is washed out and loosened, you can still wear it correctly.

Fourth, from a health perspective, if you are men in underwear to sleep, it is easy to increase the amount of perspiration in your private parts, and it is easy to breed bacteria in a humid environment, causing urinary tract infections, thereby affecting the urinary system and reproductive organs.


Q: So if you don't wear underwear for a long time, will it affect men' s physical health?

A: The answer is yes.


First, your risk of injury will be high

You must have had the experience of boys being caught when pulling a zipper. You will never forget the painful feeling in your life.

Secondly, not wearing underwear for a long time will keep the testicles hanging. Without support, varicocele is prone to occur. It is also very detrimental to people who exercise vigorously. Imagine the scene where they are sloshing around and beating with chickens and eggs. Injured important parts!

Second, it’s not good for men’ s health

Underwear is a barrier to protect men’ s hygiene, and can well separate your outer pants from your private parts. Especially in winter, if you cannot guarantee that your outer pants are changed every day, the bacteria and dirt on the outer pants can easily lead to male urinary tract infections.


Third, it is not conducive to ventilation and perspiration

Best breathable underwear for men with breath ability and perspiration is the most important function of men’ s underwear. Because men’ s lower body has fewer gaps, the groin, buttocks, and the junction of the scrotum and legs are particularly prone to moisture, especially natural hair, which is the most humid and hot. Many men’ s inflammations are caused by bacteria. of. Therefore, wearing underwear can help breathe and absorb moisture and avoid problems such as eczema.


Fourth, the shape is not prominent enough

If your boy is not in a state of preparation, it has always been relaxed and sagging, and its shape is basically invisible when wearing underwear and pants.


David Archy's trunks

Q: If we don't wear underwear for a long time, what should we pay attention to?

A:  The commandos alone cannot solve all genital problems. We have to take some preventive measures:

1.Don't wear tight clothes

Because tight clothing is easy to irritate your vulva or penis and scrotum. For some rough fabrics, it will stimulate you more. Wearing tight clothing that is not ventilated can also breed yeast or cause itching.

2.Change and wash clothes regularly

Be sure to put on clean clothes after touching your body, and wash everything that comes in contact with your body parts.

3.Don't try on new clothes

Doing so will not only bring bacteria from your body to the new jeans, but also put yourself at risk of infection.


Q: Regarding the style of men 's underwear, what can you recommend ?

A: For men ’s underwear, I will divide it into three styles: briefs, boxer briefs , trunks , and I recommend them in turn :



David Archy‘s 4 Packs Ultra Soft Males Briefs- It is made of natural bamboo rayon , which is lighter and more breathable than cotton. In addition to good wrapping properties and a sufficient sense of security, its unique 3d U-POUCH design can give men more spacious private parts. It is the most popular underwear for men.

David Archy's briefs

Boxer briefs

David Archy’s  3 Pack Blend Stripe Boxer Briefs with Fly-It combines the characteristics of cotton and modal fabrics well. In addition to its soft texture, it also best breathable boxer briefs with good breath ability and perspiration, just like your second skin.


This underwear has a stylish striped design, which is very durable and very suitable for daily wear. The modal boxer briefs on the front can meet all your needs in all aspects.



David Archy’s  3 Packs Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks-It is characterized by the use of natural copper fiber material in the bag area, which can reduce the odor generated by bacteria and sweat, and make your private parts feel fresh and comfortable.

David Archy’s Micro Modal Ultra long trunks underwear uses a super spacious 3D U-pouch to provide more space for the private part, keeping the private area comfortable, and well isolate the male anatomy from the inner thigh.


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