How to judge a man's personality from the color of his underpants?

How to judge a man's personality from the color of his underpants?

It is said that every pair of men’ s underwear has its own unique inner part, which can well reflect your truest and most self-explanatory side. So, from the perspective of underwear, do you know what kind of personality you are?


Men in briefs

Chose this pair of underwear, You may be a more confident and even a bit narcissistic person. When you encounter what you want, you will fight for it without hesitation. This confidence and bravery comes from the unremitting efforts behind you.

On the other hand, you are actually very concerned about what others think of you, whether it is admire or appreciate. If you are a person with couple, then they will often be moved by the way you work hard.

Of course, your confidence comes not only from hard work, but also from a good pair of briefs.

David Archy's briefs

Our David archy underwear improved on the basis of traditional briefs, adding a 3D pouch design, finding self-confidence for countless men who are petite or long for a sexy figure, and refuse the “tightness” brought by oppression.


Men in boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the style most men would choose. Those guys in boxer briefs must care about comfort very much. They are people who don't talk much about their appearance, but are very warm. This group is mostly warm men, but if you are not only good to one person, but good to all women, then you are not a friend of women, but a master of love.


Men in trunks

The men who would choose trunks underwear are undoubtedly straight men. This kind of man is more honest and likes to tell the truth. But because of his upright personality, it will cause the other half's unhappiness from time to time.

Compared with men who wear boxer briefs , he ‘s lack of romantic and not good at expressing his feelings. But this is also the most reassuring point for the other half: he won't mess around with flowers casually.

David Archy's men's trunks

Men who want to create the image of a tough guy and give people a sense of security can choose short-legged or men‘s long leg trunks underwear that cover the thighs according to your body condition.


For example , the 4 Packs Separate Modal Dual Pouch Trunks  is a superior underwear for men using patented separate pouch designed to keep a man's personal area comfortably separate resulting in a dry environment all day.

The Waistband and seams are durable and comfortable so you don't experience scratching or pulling. Optimizes men' s personal area for a fresher, healthier feeling and overall well-being.


Novelty underwear

Choose the printed underwear for men , they usually care about their appearance and clothes. They are usually very enthusiastic and treat the same sex or the opposite sex equally. As long as they are there, his inner world is rich and has a sense of humor, and he is an "atmosphere maker" among the crowd. You don't have to worry about life being monotonous.


Men in Thongs

If a man chooses this kind of underwear, he is likely to be a "sister", but it cannot be determined prematurely. Maybe it's just that he is confident in his figure and has a free and easy personality. Not only like to buy, buy, but also like to share with others, they have a certain social skills. and most daring to express himself and never cares about the opinions of others. Fun and the pursuit of freshness are their most basic characteristics.


From the perspective of style, different underwear can express the characteristics of different men, but from the perspective of color, what inner secrets of men can be revealed?



Black is the classic color among men' s underwear, representing power, sexy, sophistication and strength. This kind of man's personality is cold outside and hot inside, and his heart is full of mystery. The disadvantage is that he is easy to be self-centered and cannot listen to other people's opinions. Therefore, he will also give people the image of arrogant and ruthless "dominant president".


It is the favorite color of most men,No matter types of men’ s black briefs , you can them in David Archy Store .Therefore, regardless of age, personality, or occasion, you can choose it.



People who like men’ s red underwear are usually outgoing men, those are full of enthusiasm, and have a certain yearning for sex. They are typical  proactive optimists , and they will act immediately as long as they want to do. Not not only likes to be pushy in everything, very good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, but be also familiar and capable in dealing with things.



Guys in white briefs usually don't express their heart easily, but they are rigorous. Although he was obedient to others on the surface, he was extremely rebellious in his heart. Usually white represents a symbol of purity and kindness, so this type of person also has a kind, soft heart, will not think randomly, and is carefree about life.


Like black underwear, in David Archy's underwear store, he is the second choice for men' s wardrobes, so it is also very common. You can choose the style according to your preferences.



Blue is usually divided into two types: dark blue and light blue. It is an imaginative color and also means "Melancholy" in English vocabulary. Usually such people are more sentimental, and they pursue the abundance of the inner world more than material needs. They have a strong curiosity about new things and good learning ability, but they are more hesitant in behavior.


David Archy's underwear


Gray is a color that gives people a weaker image. This type of person has no big emotional ups and downs, and has a calmer heart. He often considers the feelings of others and is more careful in mind. At the same time, it is easy to suppress their own heart.



Men who choose yellow underwear men’ s usually have strong mobility, adventurous spirit, and natural explorers. They are not satisfied with the status , they are the type who don't give up until they reach their goals, and they won't back down easily even if they encounter difficulties. But because their inner desires cannot be satisfied, they tend to be stubborn and often conflict with people around them. They are also lively and cheerful by nature, and have a strong subjective consciousness.



Wine is usually regarded as a noble color by religions. It is somewhere between passionate red and repressed black, symbolizing supreme power. This kind of male usually has a distinguished status, or comes from a famous nobleman, or has a certain social reputation, is relatively conservative, temperate, and has strict requirements on himself.

If you belong to this kind of male, under normal circumstances, you can choose relatively loose boxer briefs, which can even cover the thigh. If the figure does not allow, you can also choose men’ s short leg boxer briefs.

Of course, a person's personality is complex and multi-faceted, and color does not fully represent a person's personality preferences. You can choose from the David Archy store according to your needs. I hope you can choose your favorite personalized men’ s underwear here!


If you have other ideas about the selection of men' s underwear, or if you have some problem, please communicate in the message area at the bottom of the article.

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