Do you know the composition of men' s underwear?

Do you know the composition of men's underwear

Guys, Do you know what are the main structures of your underwear? How to call these structures? Let me tell you that knowing the structure of underwear is also beneficial to your future purchases.

The general composition of men ’s underwear includes: Fabric, Waistband, Elastic , fly (front opening) ,  Inseam , Gusset, Back seam, leg opening, Jock Cups and so on.



First of all, let’s talk about the waistband of men’ s underwear. It is mainly divided into three types, one is the wrapped elastic band, the other is the elastic band sewn into the elastic band, and the other is the exposed waistband, which is logo in your underwear ‘s waistband.


Wrapped elastic band, usually found in boxer briefs . Like elastic waist pants, it usually folds around the waist to form a shell. The waistband will pass through the shell, so that the fabrics of each flat surface are gathered together well.


For men who are allergic to latex, it can play a protective role. But because it has no elasticity, it is easy to increase friction on the skin. Therefore, it is easy to leave a vertical red mark on the inner thigh.


Elastic bands are usually inside the belt, just like a wrapped men' s belt. But actually from the inside, it is exposed to the outside of the body, reducing the friction on the skin, so it is not easy to leave marks on the inner thighs.


The exposed belt is our common brand logo. Now whether it is briefs or boxer briefs, the brand is like David Archy. They attach the classic logo to the waistband, which looks more beautiful and has a good touch to the skin, not easy to leave traces. This kind of elastic waistband is usually made of microfiber, and the inside is also made of wire drawing, which can give your body a soft and comfortable wearing experience.


The fly

You must be surprised that why are there “with fly” and no fly underwear in david archy store? What is the difference between them? In fact, the so-called fly refers to the opening on the front side of your private parts. It is strange that almost only 20% of men use underwear with fly . Before the pouch design appeared, it was the most common structure of men' s underwear.


At first it was invented by a jockey , it can make the outline of male characteristics less obvious. Later, with the development of the times, the pouch design gradually replaced the traditional fly design. It can provide more space for the private parts, greatly improving the sense of comfort and support.


In some boxer briefs and trunks , there is usually a short front fly design , the 3 Pack Bamboo Rayon Boxer Shorts coincides with this. The ultra-U-pouch design is added to sexy underwear, providing more space for men 's private parts, reducing squeeze and restraint. At the same time, our functional front fly material is soft and comfortable, and the men' s david archy bamboo underwear with front opening can meet all your needs in all aspects.

David Archy's boxer briefs


The appearance of the inseam on the lower side has gradually replaced the traditional stitching method of the back, front, and leg seams, and the gusset and panel are becoming more and more popular. This way can increase comfort and make men' s underwear more docile. 



As a diamond, rectangular or triangular fabric. gusset’ s function is to provide a larger space and bring more convenience to your movement. In men' s underwear, buttonholes will appear around the seams. Not only can you reduce seams, but you can also make your underwear more fit.


Boxer briefs with shorter inner seams are more popular. If you are a man with muscular thighs, you may have to adjust frequently for boxer briefs with too long inseams. Therefore, many men began to give up wearing boxers and chose to wear trunks. It is a kind of men' s long leg boxer briefs with an inner side length of 1-2 inch , similar to swimming trunks from the 1950s.


Like 4 Pack Ultra Soft Micro Modal Trunks , its exquisite repair-free design on the back of the boxer briefs avoids awkward adjustments to a certain extent and does not leave marks on the thighs.

David Archy's trunks

Back Seam

For men who do not like to sit for a long time, underwear without a back seam design is very uncomfortable. Therefore, two methods are adopted on the market : one is to shape the shape of the underwear through the design of gussets, and the other is the structural design of the 3-panel backrest and the balloon backrest. Generally speaking, there will be two seams on the back, which extend along the middle of each leg. 


Leg openings

Take boxers and boxer briefs for example. If you want to avoid awkward frequent adjustments and make your movements more comfortable, then the design of the leg openings is very important. Too loose boxer briefs and too tight will affect the comfort of wearing.


Therefore, David Archy' s Boxer briefs design will also be designed with an elastic waistband on both sides of the thigh, which can achieve both elasticity and tightness. This is very convenient for you if you are a person who stands or sits for a long time, or who is active.

David Archy's boxer briefs

Jock Cups

Someone once mentioned that the larger the waist size, the larger the size of the cup. Is it really the truth? I think it is not true, but even so, the current manufacturers still use it as a size standard. Why is it so? Because they don't want to determine the size of their cups based on the waist size of their underwear. So for a fit man, either wear underwear with a larger waist or a smaller waist. At least you already know the size of the Jock cup.



Men also attach great importance to the overall silhouette of the underwear. Too tight underwear is uncomfortable, too loose underwear is not good, and if there is too much fabric, it is not suitable. Today's underwear will have a reasonable cutting design to ensure that it is not easy to shrink after washing.



Fabric is also very important in men' s underwear. For men, it is nothing more than comfort and softness. This is why many men choose men's cotton briefs and underwear made of cotton or long fibers.

Among many fabrics, microfiber is a very soft fabric for men' s underwear. It is a man-made fiber that is softer than silk.

Generally, microfibers also have built-in wicking properties. This means that the fabric is not only soft, but also sucks moisture away from the body and dries quickly. Many men' s underwear waistband are made of microfiber, which can better care for men' s skin. 


The 4 Pack Micro Modal Separate Pouch Briefs made of a mixture of micro modal and spandex, the men' s belt and seams of the underwear are durable and comfortable, so you won't encounter scratches or pulls of long boxers underwear. The breathable modal boxer briefs allow air to flow freely, thereby reducing adhesion problems caused by most men’ s awkward “adjustments”.

So now you learned about the composition of men’s underwear ,you can better choose the men's underwear that suits you.

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