How to choose gift men's underpant for your couple ?

How to choose gift men's underpant for your couple ?

If your couple or husband ’ s birthday is approaching, or Valentine’s Day or Christmas is coming soon, what kind of gifts are you going to give them as a surprise?  There are actually many answers: watches, ties, belts, men’ s underwear, etc.

As a consumable, underwear usually has a service life of less than one year and needs to be changed and washed frequently. However,it is very difficult for men to accomplish. After all, they are lazy, so this task has to be completed by you or his mother. So how to choose men’ s underwear for your couple ?


1.First of all, you need to know your couple's waist and hips.

This is the first step in choosing men' s underwear. Only get the exact size of underwear. No matter what style it is, it is not easy to buy it wrong. You can ask him yourself, or you can help him measure it by yourself.

2.Pay attention to his usual dressing habits

Which style of underwear to choose is closely related to his usual dressing habits. Since he lives under the same roof, you can see what kind of underwear he puts most in his wardrobe. Or, you need to analyze factors such as your couple's body shape and sweating level.


Men's Briefs:

If your couple is a sports enthusiast and sweats a lot. The briefs not only liberate his thighs, but also better protect his private parts during exercise and avoid unnecessary injuries.Usually suitable for summer, sports, or slim men.

However, due to long-term wearing of briefs to make strong sense of wrapping and compliance, those may cause pressure on testis, leading to a rise in the body temperature of the testicles, thereby affecting the quality of sperm. So unless they wear them for sports, they don't wear sport briefs in normal life. If conditions permit, you can choose men' s underwear with a pouch design, which may be good.

Like David Archy’s 4 Pack Micro Modal Separate Pouch Briefs, It uses a separate pouch design to comfortably separate the personal area and thighs, allowing men to feel breathable and dry whether .They are sitting for a long time or sweating during exercise. The super soft modal fabric is in close contact with the skin and has a silky touch. It is the most popular underwear for men.


David Archy's briefs

Boxer briefs: 

If your couple is thin and is a sedentary office worker or driver, boxer briefs are more suitable. Not only is it breathable and moisture-absorbing, it also makes their boys more relaxed. The boxer briefs with pocket is stable and not oppressive. Suitable for men with thin thighs and weighing less than 80kg.



If your couple is heavier and muscled man, and has relatively thick thighs. Then you can choose trunks , which can not only improve the waistline, but also protrude the line of your couple's buttocks. But because it is too loose, boys will often slosh, so it is not suitable for going out, you can choose to wear at home as pajamas.



Unless you want to add more interest to him and make his figure more sexy. Otherwise, it is generally not worn on the body. Like briefs, it is easy to cause oppression on testis, which is not conducive to the free development of testicles.


3.It is also important to choose relatively comfortable fabrics

Men' s underwear is very particular about comfort and practicality. In addition to pure cotton, various fabrics have also appeared on the market. Let us first understand the characteristics of each fabric:



Cotton is the most common fabric for men’ s underwear. Its fabric is very soft and not easy to cause allergies to the skin. It has strong moisture wick. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to dry after absorbing sweat. It will feel sticky and easily cause itching , or eczema and other problems.

Therefore, if your couple is a sedentary office worker who likes to exercise and sweats a lot, it is not suitable to wear cotton underwear.


Bamboo rayon

Compared with cotton, bamboo rayon’ s softness is higher, and its supporting force and perspiration ability are much higher than pure cotton, it will not cause sultry, and it has antibacterial, anti-mites and deodorant functions. If your couple likes sports and sweats, you can choose cooling underwear made of this fabric. It's just that it has a short service life and is not durable. It will become hard after a few washes, which affects comfort.

David archy first chose Tianzhu bamboo rayon as the main product fabric. It is made of cellulose extracted from natural material bamboo, which has the characteristics of good air permeability, light weight and stable dyeing.


The 4 Packs Bamboo Rayon Trunks is also very soft and skin-friendly in terms of touch, and the back of the panties adopts a neat cut design, which eliminates awkward adjustments and provides excellent comfort.

But it is recommended to wash with cold water to maintain its best performance and recovery rate.



Commonly known as "nylon", it is not only fast-drying, but also very wear-resistant, it has good elasticity and strong moisture wick. It is often made into ice silk underwear or men’ s swim trunks. It will look very cool when worn in summer and is also suitable for men who love to sweat and exercise, but its comfort level is average, it is not suitable for washing with hot water, it is easy to lose elasticity.

Therefore, if it is summer or sports, bamboo rayon and nylon are the best choices, but nylon is not suitable for long-term daily wear.



Modal is the more popular men' s underwear fabric, not only brings good comfort, the fabric is soft and smooth, its elasticity and toughness are also better, it is popular among men in men' s underwear. However, due to the higher price and poor support for muscles, ladies can choose modal underwear made of a mixture of modal and spandex.


The 3 Pack Blend Stripe Boxer Briefs with Fly , made of a blend of cotton modal and spandex. It uses a stylish striped design and is suitable for daily wear. This men’ s long leg boxer briefs has a leg length of 6.5 inches. In terms of attire, it has better performance than any panties.

David Archy's boxer briefs

To sum up, ladies can choose a few best boxer briefs for men for daily work or travel, and they can also have a few sport briefs for easy change and wash during exercise. As for the thong, unless you need it in that respect, I don't mind if you choose to buy it.


Moreover, no matter what style it is, you should choose a 3D pouch design. The protruding pouch is like a house, allowing boys to breathe more comfort, without causing pressure, and conducive to boy's blood circulation and health.


4.Try to choose high-elastic ribbed underwear

Traditional underwear is still mainly elastic, but this often causes embarrassing situations: your couple’s underwear will have problems with exposed edges, so compared to elastic, the high elasticity and ribbed edge design will look more beautiful and avoid embarrassed adjustment.


5.You can choose novelty and interesting underwear

On some specific festivals, such as Valentine's Day or Christmas, you can send some underwear with colorful patterns to add more fun to your holiday.


Valentine's Day panties are mostly heart-shaped, or roses, chocolates, etc., and there are even couples who have customized their avatars and printed photos of their lovers on the men’ s valentines day underwear. You can go shopping a few days before the holiday, there is always a flavor your sweetie likes.


Of course, briefs and thongs are also popular products, you can choose one for him and spend an unforgettable date journey with him. You can also print your couple portraits or valentines boxer briefs with a single photo of you are also good choices.


Christmas is no exception. Various holiday-related elements will be printed on it: Santa Claus, elk, Christmas tree and so on.


Of course, the personalized underwear for him can also have other patterns, for example, your couple still wears Winnie the Pooh underpants, or those who like Disney characters, those are childish but cute guys in underwear enough. If he likes briefs like Superman, or the pattern of the Hulk , the Captain America printed on the underwear, or anime characters.


Although these sounds like a laugh, but no matter what, if he celebrates his birthday,  just let him be happy.


If ladies learn the above points, they don’t have to worry about choosing men’ s underwear anymore. Of course, I don’t mind if you try them on yourself. It’s good to experience it. If you don’t know the brand, you can come to David Archy’s shop selects and presents a personal and intimate gift surprise for your couple!

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