How to fold and store your men' s underwear?

How to fold and store underwear?

How long has your closet been unorganized? In addition to changing underwear every day and changing new underwear regularly, the storage of underwear is also an important step. Learn this tips, no matter at home for a long time or on business trips, it is very convenient for us.


1.Store according to your underwear style.

There are many men's underwear styles: briefs, boxer briefs , trunks (beach pants) or thongs and so on. Put them in different cabinets or drawers. You can also classify them according to their purpose: sports, daily work, travel and so on.

Now I will use three types of David Archy underwear : briefs, boxer briefs , trunks to show you how to fold and store different types of men’s underwear.


2.Classification according to color.

Your underwear must be colorful. If you place them according to the color classification, especially for obsessive-compulsive disorder, your wardrobe can look more comfortable, and you can also use your creativity. For example, you can place in the same color system or staggered. In short, make the wardrobe look refreshed.


3.Be careful to fold it neatly before placing it.

Although folding underwear is a very troublesome thing, I believe that many men think so. But it saves you a lot of space in the closet. Compared with tiling, neatly stacking can better extend the life of the underwear, and it looks cleaner and sanitary.

The following will teach you a few tips for folding underwear:


Trunks & boxer briefs :

Most men like to wear boxer briefs or trunks to go out for parties or travel, because they look very comfortable, so organize the boxer briefs before leaving and fold them to save space in your schoolbag or suitcase.

Our David Archy boxer briefs are divided into quick dry, Supima cotton and micro-modal series, etc. They all have good breath ability and moisture wick properties. The breathable boxer briefs is very suitable for sports and travel.

 David Archy‘s underwear

The david archy trunks are divided into separate modal dual Pouch trunks , men’s bamboo trunks and micro model series . With one piece clean cut in the back it can avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort.


Now let’s tell you how to fold trunks or boxer briefs :

  1. You need to find a clean surface (a table or ironing board is fine), and then lay it flat on it.
  2. After smoothing the top folds, the waistband part of the underwear and your waist are folded in the opposite direction.
  3. Fold in half and place one side of the underwear on the other side.
  4. Both sides need to be vertical, and fold in half for the second time.
  5. Finally, fold it three times from the side to the waist.

Thongs & briefs:

Because thongs or briefs are relatively small, it is more troublesome to fold them up, but we still have the easiest way to fold them.

David Archy's briefs use a Ultra U-pouch design with a comfort space, so that men will not feel squeezed and restrained even if they wear them, and it helps make you confident and sexy wearing our boxer shorts with pockets .

In addition, it is made of bamboo rayon. with good air permeability, instant moisture wicking. It is more breathable and lightweight than men’s cotton briefs,which is one of the essential underwear for travel.

So now I will take the briefs as an example, the thongs and briefs’ folding method is actually the same, the following is their folding method : 

 David Archy's briefs

Stack the small square:

  1. Lay the briefs on a flat surface, like the desktop or ironing board, make the front facing down and the crotch closing to you.
  2. Smooth the upper wrinkles and fold the crotch up to align with the top (waist belt position).
  3. Starting from one side, fold the two sides of the waistband toward the middle.
  4. Make a square or rectangular shape on the other side.
  5. After turning over the underwear, you can start storing it!

Simple scroll

Since it can be folded into a square, we can also roll it up for better placement and storage.

  1. Lay the underwearon aflat surface , like the table or ironing board, with the front facing up and the crotch position facing you.
  2. Smooth the folds of the underwear, and then fold one side of the waistband in half toward the middle.
  3. Fold the other side to the middle to make the two sides overlap.
  4. Then hold the waist belt with both hands and start rolling in your direction, taking care not to relax.
  5. Finally, a simple scroll is completed.

4.The scent of the wardrobe can also create a clean and tidy atmosphere

If you are worried about the smell of the closet, you can put a sachet in the closet (you can buy it in the store) and put it in the back of the drawer to let the smell spread out.

You can also spray perfume on paper and place it at the bottom of the drawer. And change it every few weeks to maintain a fresh fragrance.

Did guys learned about it ? A good storage method can better beautify your wardrobe, keep your underwear fresh and prolong its service life. If you have any other thoughts or questions about David Archy, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

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