5 signs that underwear for gentlemen needs to be changed.

5 signs that underwear for gentlemen needs to be changed.

Underwear is the clothing closest to the important parts of men. Its quality affects men’s wearing experience and physical health. If your underwear has the following symptoms, it’s time to change to new underwear!

1.Your underwear starts to become loose

Due to long-term washing and drying, the elastic bands of the underwear begin to show signs of loosening, which will cause your underwear to continue to fall and your trouser legs begin to roll up, which may increase the friction on the thigh skin, not only causing a certain degree of abrasion or abrasion.but also skin inflammation.

2.Underwear is no longer breathable or dry fast

Breath ability and moisture wick are the most basic functions of men’s wicking underwear Even cotton underwear requires good moisture absorption and breathable fabrics to help accomplish this purpose. If it cannot be achieved in the end, it means it has expired, and you will inevitably give it up and put on a pair of fresh underwear.

3.The underwear already has obvious stains and odor

We once said that underwear needs to be washed every day and changed every two months. It needs to be cleaned with cold water, non-irritating detergent or soap. But even so, there are still stubborn stains on the underwear, and even after washing, there is still a peculiar smell, so you can give up on it. If you continue to wear it, it will breed more bacteria, which is not good for your health.

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4.It makes you countless embarrassing adjustments.

Fitted underwear can often put your private parts in a reasonable position, move freely, and there will be no embarrassing adjustments. If not, then your underwear is already very old. Please don't force yourself to buy some new underwear that fits according to your own suitable size.

5.The belt starts to wear and may cause skin irritation

If the waistband gradually loses its elasticity, it may increase friction against the skin, leaving a mark on the skin.

6.Excess fabric starts to make you unable to move on your own

If you are a long-term sedentary or a person who participates in cycling activities, the back of the old underwear is prone to excess fabric, which will restrict your movement.

7.Your underwear is in tatters

If your underwear has been riddled with holes, not only does it look bad when hung on the closet, but it is also not so comfortable to wear. At this time, it is necessary to buy new underwear.


Summary :

So guys , it’s time to buy new underwear. You can come to David Archy’s store to choose. Whether it’s comfort or breath ability, we spare no effort to choose non-irritating, soft and comfortable fabrics that bring comfort to the skin,meeting all the demand of men in various aspects. At the same time of wearing experience, it can show masculine charm to a large extent.


If you are an athlete, you can choose the 4 Packs Ultra Soft Males Briefs to replace your original briefs . In David Archy, we use the bamboo rayon to make most comfortable men’s briefs. Whether it is breathable or moisture wick, it is better than men's cotton underpants.

 David Archy's men's briefs

If you are a sedentary office worker and driver, old underwear can no longer meet your needs. You can choose to come here to choose the 4 Packs Separate Modal Dual Pouch Trunks that suits you, especially the individually-packed 3d pouch design, which allows you to sit for a long time without feeling squeezed and restrained.


Modal's fabric also has good breath ability and moisture absorption. The short trunks underwear are tightly attached to the thighs. Whether it is sedentary or sports, it can also put your privacy in a reasonable position to avoid embarrassing adjustments.

For the sexual happiness of the other half and the health of the next generation , change the messy panties and make your underwear clean and fresh !

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