Summer strikes:How to avoid the embarrassing situation of excessive sweating?

How to avoid excessive sweating?

The first season of 2021 is about to pass, and we are ready to usher in the season of sweating. In fact, sweating is a normal physiological law of the human body. It can help us expel toxins from the body, solve the troubles of acne and acne, accelerate the body's metabolism, promote digestion, and enhance memory.

Although sweating has many benefits to the body, it is not so friendly to men with strong metabolism and sweating in the new city. Not only is the body slimy, it can also easily cause body odor.

Buy fresh antiperspirant

Nowadays, antiperspirant has become a popular way. It is very useful for people who sweat excessively to stop sweating by blocking sweat glands. It is usually applied to the underarms or other areas that are prone to sweating. If you have excessive hydrolysis, you can choose a strong antiperspirant.


Reduce high-calorie and caffeine intake

Your calories come from your food intake, especially a high-calorie diet or caffeine. Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee and is equivalent to a stimulant, which can stimulate the sweat glands to release sweat. In addition to caffeine, excessively spicy food can also stimulate the sweat glands, which can activate your neurotransmitters.

Therefore, the daily diet should be as light as possible, control the intake of diet, eat less spicy food, reduce the intake of coffee or caffeine, and finally, drink as little alcohol as possible.


Wear light and airy clothes

For summer clothes, try to choose breathable and ventilated fabrics that have good air permeability and moisture wicking. Generally speaking, cotton, nylon, linen are common fabrics for summer clothes. Next, choose light-colored clothes because they can reflect light and heat. On the contrary, dark clothes are easy to absorb. This is the reason why many people don’t wear black in summer. .


Of course, the same is true for men's underwear. Since there are a lot of sweat glands in the groin and it is a sensitive area, it is not suitable to apply antiperspirant on it, but underwear is a choice, especially cool men’s underwear with good air permeability and moisture absorption. Among them, the tailored design of thongs or men's bikinis can better drain water and keep you dry throughout the day.

Usually we choose trunks underwear or boxer briefs, which not only can better liberate the legs, but also give men a better space here.


David Archy's quick-dry series and lightweight series are fully prepared for men to spend the heat at the hottest day, if you like sport , you can choose 3 Packs Quick Dry Sports Boxer Briefs , with high technology fast drying fabric ,it is breathable and quick dry to keep your boxer briefs cool and fresh.

David Archy's boxer briefs


We try our best to design men's underwear and use lightweight and comfortable fabrics to increase the comfort of wearing. Both bamboo rayon and modal underwear are worth choosing. This 4 Pack Lightweight Brief Underwear with bamboo rayon has good air permeability.

The most special thing is that it adds an Ultra U-pouch design, which provides a comfortable and spacious space for men. A good briefs not only make you confident or sexy, and there will be no embarrassing adjustments and reduction of constraints.

Control your weight

Weight loss is actually a slow, but more practical method. The reason why you sweat a lot is also because the fat in your body promotes the secretion of sweat. Higher fats are easier to get more calories. This heat is also released in the form of sweat.

Therefore, the best way to control weight is to maintain a healthy diet, coupled with appropriate physical exercise, only weight loss, to a certain extent, can also solve the problem of excessive sweating.

 David Archy's underwear

Relieve stress

If you are nervous and anxious, you often have sweaty palms or underarms. At this time you need to learn to relieve your stress, give yourself a positive psychological suggestion, and gain inner peace. When you feel nervous because you are on stage or in public, you can also choose to take a deep breath to relax, or meditate, which can make you more focused and relieve anxiety.


Remove dense forest

Too dense forest may increase your body temperature and cause excessive sweating. Therefore, trimming the hair on your underarms or chest regularly can lower your body temperature and make your body cooler.

Through the above methods, you can successfully solve the problem of excessive sweating and spend a dry and comfortable summer happily. If you have other ideas about solving sweating, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

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