Sports,dates or works ?How to choose undergarment styles for different occasions?

Underwear style for different occasion

It’s believed that many men’s underwear should have more than one or two sets, and there are almost every style. So do you know how to choose undergarment styles for different occasions?


When manual labor is required

When your physical activity has the following actions: bending, moving and lifting, this kind of large-scale action requires strong underwear, such as boxer briefs. It not only needs to meet the function of breath ability and moisture absorption, but also wear it well. You bring corresponding support.

Compared to other cotton underwear, the 3 Packs Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs with extra-long staple supima cotton surpasses them in softness, lightweight and durability.

Not only that, the horizontal fly with quick access for easy go when nature calls, cares you in a thoughtful way , and the cotton boxer briefs are durable for daily wear and no-wedgies to the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort.


Sedentary office worker or long-term driving

If you are a person who sits in the office or drives a car all day, the feeling of sitting and standing for a long time will make you feel squeezed or even restrained. You need better breathing space. Therefore, you can choose trunks or briefs at David Archy that can give you enough space. Breathable and lightweight fabrics are also necessary.

For example , the 3 Packs Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks  provides ultimate soft and comfy touch against your skin. Using ultra roomy U-Pouch to provide more space, it keeps men's private area comfortable, isolating male anatomy from inner thighs.

 Trunks for casual

Go to the gym and sweat profusely

If you need to do strenuous exercise, you can choose briefs or boxer briefs. The best athletic underwear is not only give you enough support, but also have breathable and moisture-absorbing fabric that can keep you dry all day.


Pair with jeans or tights

You can choose thongs, briefs or men's shorts, which will make your hip contour less obvious under the tights, which will not affect your appearance in jeans or tights.

When it comes to briefs, I would recommend 4 Pack Lightweight Brief Underwear , it will be the best males briefs you will wear. The men’s bamboo briefs is featured with good air permeability, instant moisture wick, lightweight and stable dyeing property.

Compared with traditional briefs, david archy briefs will look more comfortable and not restrained, The 3D U-pouch design added onto the under pants to provide more space for men's private parts.

Briefs for casual


Go to the beach or stay at home

Now that you have a relaxing holiday, comfortable and soft underwear plus enough support, there is nothing better than this. You can choose to wear trunk or boxer briefs. Men's long boxer briefs are for better coverage and support of your thighs. The trunk allows you to show your thighs more, and can also provide enough support to avoid countless embarrassing adjustments.


Go hiking or running

If you need to go hiking or go for a running sport, then I would suggest that you wear tree trunks or boxer briefs , choose lighter weight fabrics, or use underwear with less fabric, which can give you more freedom. The witty wedge-free design can support the back, and the best boxer briefs with pouch can also give you a sense of comfort and security.


Enjoy your date night

Tonight you will fully show the masculine charm of your character, and a pair of briefs can successfully realize your wish. Similarly, if you think boxer briefs can bring comfort and fully express your hip line, both are available.

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