How the color of men's short wearing affect your mood?

How the color of men's short wearing affect your mood?

In psychology, we will find an interesting phenomenon: color affects people's mood and state, for example, seeing blue will make you imagine blue sky and white clouds, seeing red will make emotions become emotional, and so on.

With the development of the times and the rapid pace of life, the pressure of modern people on work is also increasing. How do men adjust their emotions by changing the color of their underwear?


Emotion 1: When you feel nervous, stressed, or even a little tired.

When you feel irritable because of work, you might as well change a pair of light blue underwear to calm your mood. In psychology, it has the effect of calming the nerves and regulating nerves.

In addition, it can lower skin temperature, lower blood pressure, and reduce the burden on your heart.

If you are a long-term insomnia, you can wear a pair of blue underwear at night to help you relieve insomnia caused by nervous tension.

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Emotion 2: If you are an emotionally unstable and irritable person

You can choose a pair of white underwear, which can adjust to irritable people. It also helps to keep blood pressure normal. It also has a good stabilizing effect for people with irritability and insomnia.


Emotion 3: When you feel frustrated and lack self-confidence

You can choose a pair of red underwear, which represents enthusiasm and vigor. For people who are down and feel powerless, it can play a certain role in inspiration.

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Emotion 4: Feeling boring, boring and boring about life.

If you feel that life is a bit boring, you might as well try a variety of underwear occasionally. Of course it does not affect your health. It can highlight your personality, improve your sense of fashion, attract the opposite sex to a certain extent, and heat up the relationship between you and your partner.

You can also wear briefs on date , it can show off your thighs and sexy male characteristics well.

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Emotion 5: You have greatly reduced the appetite

If you are depressed and have no appetite at all. You can choose to wear orange underwear, which is the representative color of warm colors, and it is also a healthy color, which brings vitality to the mood and enhances appetite.It is one of the colors that can enhance happiness.


Emotion 6: Excitement, fear, and insomnia

Finally, you can choose black underwear to improve this mood. Like white, it also has heat-clearing, calming, and stable effects.



But in any case, people’s emotions are complex, and you can still choose your favorite underwear color at David Archy according to your inner changes and your own preferences.
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