How to choose your perfect underwear size?

How to choose your perfect underwear size?

Whether you are shopping online or offline, your men' s underwear still doesn't fit? How can I choose the right size of best workout underwear for men to help myself meet the needs of wearing underwear?


The waist and hip measurement 

First of all, before buying new underwear, I suggest you measure your exact size, especially waist and hip. When you know your size, whether you choose briefs, boxers, or jock strap, it will be much more convenient ; in the same way, choosing your T-shirt, jeans or shorts is the same.


On the other hand, the position you need to measure should be your widest position, not your waistline. In this way, you can better match the data in the size standard.


Waist measurement : 

Measure horizontally at the thinnest part of the waist, that is, under the ribs. This area is above or below the belly button.


Hip measurement:

Located at the widest position of the pelvis, measured horizontally at the level of the hips.


Whether it is low or high-waist underwear, the most important thing is the size of your hips, which is the widest position. This is the reason why your underwear is too small and cramped. No matter what brand or type, you can easily choose the right underwear, just refer to the size guide.


The size of men' s underwear

Men' s underwear sizes are mainly divided into the following categories: centimeters, inches, French sizes and American sizes. If you have determined the hip size, the next thing to do is to find the size and specifications of different men' s underwear.


The standard sizes of our men’ s underwear are: "XS", "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL", they will vary depending on the brand and type of product.,but it remains unchanged on a global scale. Therefore, you can use different number sizes according to the country of origin and different brands.


The inch refers to the US size, and the centimeter is the unit of French size. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. To know the US size, it is very simple. Just divide your size (cm) by 2.54.


Note here that if your hip circumference is between 65 and 120 cm, then your French size is between 34 and 60 (inches or centimeters). This is because the French size clothes are flat, which is equivalent to half the circumference of the entire hip joint, which is the entire hip circumference of an American man.


Before buying men' s underwear, you need to know the size guide for different styles of men' s underwear. Understand it, otherwise there will still be problems like Men's boxer briefs that are too large and thongs are too tight.


For example, David archy is mostly based on the US size. If your hip measurement is about 71, then you can refer to the first row. After dividing by 2.54, you can get the suitable US size .

David Archy's underwear size

If you have determined your waist circumference, you can also use the following methods:


Under normal circumstances, the most common men' s sizes are S, M, L, when your waist circumference is between 72-80, then you can use the size standard:


Size S: The corresponding French size is 36-40, and the US size is 28-31;

Size M: The French size corresponding to 80-88 cm waist is 40-44, and the US size is 31-35;

Size L: The French size corresponding to a waist circumference of 88-96 cm is 44-48, and the French size is 35-38.


The different front pockets of men' s underwear

In addition to looking at the waist and hips, you have to determine the shape of the different pouch underwear for men. Of course, it has no regularity and depends on personal feelings. It is best to choose a large enough space to bring you greater freedom and comfort, or you like classic models. Nowadays, there are all kinds of underwear styles that can meet your simple or demanding needs.

In fact, many men' s underwear nowadays do not have a pouch underwear . Most of them are flat and small-shaped bags. But there are also many brands and experts who have innovated on their basis and turned their ideals into reality.


If you don't want to feel oppressed anymore, and desire more space. Then you will find more advanced front pocket technology. Of course, there are also Men' s briefs and boxers in the shape of a front pocket, you can choose according to your needs.


For example, in David Archy, the underwear is designed with a 3D contour pouch, which successfully solves the problem that men have nowhere to put them. It not only provides more comfortable space for men’ s pouch underwear, but also fixes the boy in a proper position.

 David Archy's unerwear pouch desisn

Your body shape determines  your underwear style 

Waist circumference, hip circumference and front pocket quality alone are not enough, you also need to consider your body shape.


If you are a man with a thin waist and muscular thighs, please choose a short model with a notch on the side. If your hips are small, you should wear slim underwear to increase the volume of your back. But if you already have a perfect figure, then you should give priority to wearing comfortable underwear, choosing thongs or jacket belts. In any case, you should not undercut your underwear or boxer shorts underwear to increase the size, as your underwear will be uncomfortable.


If you have an emotional need, there is nothing to stop you from choosing shape underwear or novelty boxer briefs, or even your boys . Of course you can combine them separately, combining complementary T-shirts and vests.


Finally, choose a size that suits you and adjust the shape, front pockets and cuts, you’d better to bring a comfortable and good figure, and increase your sense of confidence. Next I will also briefly introduce a few of the best men’ s underwear store near me :


David Archy' s 4 Packs Separate Modal Dual Pouch Trunks- Made of modal fabric and spandex. It is soft and has good breath ability and moisture wick. Therefore, it is athletic works underwear favored by many athletes and sedentary people.

It uses a separate pouch design to make the man's personal area more comfortable and keep it dry all the day. The waistband and seams are also sturdy and durable, avoiding scratches and pulling problems, and better extend the life of the underwear.


If you like long leg underwear, please search for David Archy’s separate boxer briefs with pouch.


David Archy' s 3 Pack Quick Dry Long Leg Briefs-These super soft men’ s boxer shorts are specially designed for travelers. They are lightweight, breathable and quick dry underwear. Therefore, during travel, you only need to pack 1 or 2 pairs.

 David Archy's 3 Pack Quick Dry Long Leg Briefs

Compared with cheap men’ s boxer briefs, its flat-lock stitches can bring a seamless, scratch-free experience.


David Archys 4 Pack Bamboo Rayon Briefs- If you want to show your body shape without affecting the wearing experience, you can try it. It is made of bamboo Rayon,  which is also moisture wicking underwear mens has good air permeability and moisture wick. The 3D U-Pouch design is added to the underwear, which provides more space for men' s private parts. The men’ s boxer briefs with pouch can make you appear more confident without feeling cramped.


If you have mastered the above methods, then you will no longer make mistakes in selecting sizes. What you need now is to come to our David Archy shop to choose the style of underwear that suits you.

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