From fig leaf to sexy sign: the history of men’ s underwear

From fig leaf to sexy sign: the history of men’ s underwear

With the development of the times and the continuous improvement of the quality of life, men began to pay more attention to intimate clothing, especially the wearing experience of men’ s underwear. So how to know the development of men’ s underwear ?  Let’s discover it!


The origin of men’ s underwear

In primitive society, clothes were not covered, and underwear existed as a fig leaf for men. At first Adam and Eve used grape leaves to cover the private parts. Later, the ancient Egyptians used flax to make loincloths, which was the "prototype" of thongs.


13 century

In the 13th century, a kind of underpants called "Braies" began to appear. "Braies" comes from the Saxon language. It is made of linen, pocket-like loose fitting underwear, reaching knees. Whether it is a king or a peasant, it will be worn.

In the Renaissance, the length of Braies underwear became shorter and the crotch opening was increased, making it more convenient for men to use when urinating. The "prototype" of modern boxer briefs was also formed.

David Archy's boxer brief


Tudor Era

Men' s underwear became stable and simple, reaching knees, buttons on the placket, and cotton and silk were used for fabrics in addition to linen. It gradually evolved into a jumpsuit, and the jumpsuit developed into tight panties that reached the ankles.

In the 19th century, boxer John Suliva loved to wear tight underpants to play matches, so this kind of underpants was also called "long john underwear".


Europe in the 15th-16th centuries

In Europe in the 15th-16th centuries, a decorative object called "codpiece" appeared. Because the technology of textile sewing was not advanced enough at that time, men' s trousers were still two trouser tubes, so important parts need to be covered with codpieces. Coupled with the society's pursuit of masculinity at that time, codpiece has also become a symbol of men' s masculinity and wealth and power.

The design of codpiece is also various, in addition to fabric, metal, it can also be carved with diamonds, and its size is comparable to a women' s bra. 

It is said that Henry VIII suffered from syphilis. In order to relieve the symptoms, he filled it with medicine to relieve the symptoms. As a result, the noble men began to follow suit, and put medicines and money for venereal diseases in them. "The bigger the better" became the fashion trend at the time, and it also covered the differences in men' s own conditions.


Late 19th century

At the end of the 19th century, in order for American men at that time to ride bicycles more conveniently and comfortably on cobblestone roads, a sporting goods company in Boston came up with a way to fasten the front pocket with two thinner bags with a wide belt. Similar to Today's thong will bring up the private parts. This designed underwear is more suitable for confrontational events, not only for couriers and milkmen, but also to provide additional protection among athletes.

David Archy's underwear

Later, on the basis of this kind of functional underwear, briefs and boxer briefs gradually appeared.



Y-Front, which is called briefs, has appeared as early as the 1930s. It is characterized by an inverted Y-shaped line on the front, and it is comfortable to wear.

In 1935, the underwear of this period had been sewn with elastic bands, and the word "underwear " was included in the dictionary. At the same time, Chicago sold the world's first briefs with Y-shaped stitches on the front. It is boxers underwear, which allows the exposed area of men' s legs to reach the limit.

At that time, clothing historians believed that its significance was comparable to that of a bra. As a result, men’ s boxer shorts and briefs began to compete for a long time, and both sides declared that they were more healthy and more comfortable to wear.


After World War II

During this period, men' s underwear had more colors and patterns. Newer fabrics such as rayon, polyester, and Lycra added tightness and elasticity to the underwear, and the styles of briefs were more concise. In the 1970s, the British began to wear tight jeans, and briefs beat boxer briefs for a while.

In the 1980s, men' s underwear was all the rage as a fashion product, and underwear became more tight and sexy. For the design, the choice of colors and fabrics began to show personalized men’ s underwear, from single cotton fabrics to chemical fiber fabrics, mixed fabrics, and multi-color fabrics of various weaves.

At that time, there was a popular saying: men' s boxer underwear became the yuppie's outfit ; and a man wearing briefs would always be a good boy of his mother. The men' s fashion underwear, for the first time men have an attitude toward this underwear.

With the emergence of the gay community and the rise of the gay movement, men' s underwear began to have a keen observation of fashion and sex, which further pushed the boundaries of underwear styles. The most typical representatives are G-String and T-back, also known as thongs.


Among them, T-back is one of the wardrobe must-haves for many trendy people in the fashion industry. It is the best choice for matching tights.


In the 1990s, men’ s boxer briefs were born and became a popular trend for hip-hop stars. It is a combination of boxers and briefs. Its tight-fitting and hip-lifting design makes men look very fit.


Men’ s trunks are an innovative design for men’ s trunks underwear , because they reduce the restraint on the thighs, and are more friendly to people with thick legs or obese people. Especially in the hot summer, trunks will be more cool and comfortable to wear.

David Archy's trunks

David Archy's exciting series is based on the high-fork design and incorporates the concept of bikini. The high-fork and low-waist have become the best choice for summer underwear. At the same time, high-fork underwear will greatly enhance the sexiness and add more interest.


The only shortcoming of traditional men' s underwear is that it ignores the physiological structure characteristics of men themselves. Due to insufficient air permeability and long-term friction and squeeze between the scrotum and the thigh, it will seriously affect the quality of men' s sperm and cause a series of problems such as infertility after marriage.


Therefore, most of the men' s pouch underwear now uses a pouch design, which releases more free space for the private parts.


Men' s underwear with pouch is an important milestone in the development of men' s underwear. It means that there is a sac bag (also called scrotum support) to support the scrotum, prevent the scrotum from sagging, and avoid friction between the scrotum and the inner thigh, and the effect of ventilation is excellent.


David Archy's underwear designer believes that during exercise, the friction between the scrotum and the inside of the thigh is more obvious, so the support of the men’ s underwear with pockets is more emphasized. Tighter underwear has better protection for people in sports.


As a result, men' s underwear with testicle pocket has also become one of the representatives of men' s athletic underwear.


About David Archy:

For now, the market for men' s underwear is still growing, among which boxer briefs and briefs are the main ones. So as the emerging underwear brand , what reforms have they made in terms of the comfort and practicality of David Archy men' s underwear?


For boxer briefs:

David Archy also worked hard on the product design of tight-fitting boxer briefs, like 3 Packs Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs, which is men’ s long underwear with 6.9 inch long leg length will not ride up and stay put waistband won't roll or leave marks, are made of American-grown luxury supima cotton surpasses other cotton underwear in softness, lightweight and durability.

The Soft comfy men’ s boxer briefs with pouch with extra crotch provide more room for private parts and facilitate your movement more freely.


For trunks :

David Archy men' s dual pouch underwear uses ultra roomy U-Pouch to provide more space, keeps men' s private area comfortable, isolating male anatomy from inner thighs. The 3 Packs Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks with micro modal provides ultimate soft and comfy touch against your skin. and the strong and soft stay put waistband with classic logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to your skin. By using natural copper fiber material on the pouch area, their trunks could reduce the odor generated by bacteria and sweat, make your private part feel as much as refresh and comfortable.


For briefs:

David Archy’ s 4 Pack Lightweight Brief Underwear is a bamboo briefs with Ultra soft fabric, which is more breathable and lightweight than cotton underwear. The 3D U-pouch for Ultra Roomy helps make you confident and sexy wearing our boxer shorts with pouch.


If you want to learn more about David Archy’s , you can subscribe David Archy .com , if have some ideas about men’ s underwear , you can also leave the comments below.

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