What men' s underwear ladies find most attractive?

What men' s underwear ladies find most attractive?

According to the survey, in intimate relationships, 79% of women care about what their other half thinks of their underwear, especially after they are stripped naked. So in their minds, what kind of men' s underwear is more attractive?


In order to get the truth, I selected a few good-looking model photos for the ladies to watch. The following is the result I got after collecting some answers:


First feeling is important

Regardless of appearance and style, what women care more about is how men feel when they put on their underwear. For example, boxer briefs can not only give you more support, moderate tightness, but also better highlight a man's figure and silhouette.


When dressing it , you will be known as hot guys in underwear. If you are a man with thin legs, then this pair of underwear is clearly suitable for you. In the cognition of the ladies, it is the representative of many men' s boxer brief underwear.


Among them, black is a classic color recognized by ladies. On the other hand, it can cover up male stains. Obviously this is the real problem. For some ladies, the army green boxer briefs will make you look more manly.


For briefs, ladies like it because it has a shaping effect. It can make men' s parts tighter and make themselves more sexy. If you are a slim man, then this pair of underwear can't be better.


Its flaw lies in the fact that the men’ s white underwear looks very dirty and easily stained, just like the shorts worn by the old father in the family.  Although gray is the color of cool men, you must be careful not to be self-defeating.


David Archy’s men’ s pouch underwear designed with 3D U-POUCH for ultra roomy, added onto the under pants to provide more space for men' s private parts without extrusion or constraint. The 4 Packs Ultra Soft Males Briefs with Ultra soft fabric are more breathable and lightweight than men’ s cotton underwear. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our big pouch briefs.

 David Archy's 4 Packs Ultra Soft Males Briefs

For loose boxer briefs, David Archy's Trunks can better highlight men' s buttocks. In fact, it is short leg boxer briefs. As long as it is not too short and wears like a bikini, ladies can still accept it. But because it is too loose, Jack and ball are easy to sway around, which is very unsightly. It will be cooler to wear at home in summer, and it will look a little old-fashioned when you wear it out. So it is better to be pajamas for men.


David Archy men’ s 4 Packs Separate Modal Dual Pouch Trunks underwear with front fly can meet all your demand in various aspects.


The super soft micro modal material feels cool on the skin and silky to the touch. Equally embraced by athletes who perspire during sport activities and men who must sit for long hours every day.With breathable panel allows air, it can flow freely and reduces sticking problem most men experience usually requiring embarrassing "adjustments."


As for thongs, I have to say that unless you want to improve the taste of yourself and your partner, or make yourself have a sexy butt, it is useless. This kind of evil taste is not acceptable to ordinary women unless your girlfriend ' s taste is strong enough.


So in summary, what makes ladies more attractive is obviously men in boxer briefs. Of course, comfort is also very important, you can adjust comfortable men’ s underwear according to your own situation.


If you’re still wondering what men’ s underwear brands to choose, you can go to the David Archy store to see more types of men’ s underwear.


Reject bells and whistles, but pure inner beauty 

What do ladies think about the color of underwear? In fact, ladies are extremely sensitive to color, and it is obvious from the color how this person's clothes are. Therefore, from the results, black, white, and gray are the most versatile classic colors. followed by dark blue and light blue.If you are really not clear, you can choose to wear colorless, after all, safety is the first.


If you want to choose leopard print underwear men’ s, or polka dots and other fancy panties, then you have to pay attention. Unless the ladies have special preferences, the general ladies will be frightened by you.


Sloppy and ripped underwear is a "minefield" for all ladies

Men' s degree of specificity in underwear can be said to be unparalleled. Some wore underwear that was already riddled with holes and ventilated from all sides,but not willing to discard or replace them.


When they don’ t want to wash their underwear, especially briefs. Not only did I wear the front side and changed the back side, but also not let go of every corner.


What makes you sick just thinking about the picture. And because the trousers like to be exposed, ladies don' t find it very sexy. Even if it is not intentional, he will end up with a greasy and sloppy straight man.

David Archy's underwear


In addition to being detrimental to one's own image, sloppy underwear is also harmful to men' s health.


Clean and hygienic underwear is the basic requirement

Studies have shown that a pair of dirty underwear contains an average of 0.1 grams of feces, and there are even thousands of eggs and germs. In addition, most of the secretions of underwear are protein. If they are not cleaned in time, bacteria will easily breed, and the peculiar smell of underwear will attract mosquitoes and cause secondary pollution.

Therefore, for the health of you, your lover, and the next generation, it is extremely important to wash and replace underwear in a timely manner.


For the situation where the trousers are often exposed, you can replace the ordinary elastic bands with underwear with a special fixed waistband design, like David Archy’s  3 Packs Micro Modal One Pouch Boxer Briefs, that is silk boxer briefs with comfy Micro Modal fabric like a second skin.

David Archy's 3 Packs Micro Modal One Pouch Boxer Briefs

We designed Smart no wedgies in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment. The durably constructed seams and waistband for strength with the perfect amount of flexibility for maximum freedom of movement.

If you have more ideas and insights on men’ s underwear, please tell us and leave the comments below.

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