2 Pack Cotton Ultra Soft Crew Neck Undershirts


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  • Flatten Lines Sewing: Exquisite appearance and less friction of seam to your skin, more than as basic layer shirt for suits, formal dress under shirt, workout shirts, men's undershirt, also as just T-shirt.
  • Aim for Comfort: Unique surface texture, natural, comfortable and wearable
  • permeability and excellent moisture wicking undershirts mens  which keeps you comfy and dry all day long.
  • Pocket design:The undershirt with pocket, practical and at the same time increase the sense of design, simple but not simple
  • Tag-free For Added Comfort: The most comfortable undershirts is tag-free design for scratchy free, improve the comfort of wearing.
  • Best Gift for Men: This lightweight men’s sleepwear set is very comfy for you and suitable for all kinds of shapes. It’s the ideal birthday gift/ anniversary gift/ Valentine's gift/ Father' s Day/ Christmas and New Year gift to your father, husband, son, friends or others you love.

Customer Reviews

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Great alternative to Tommy Johns at a fraction of the ...

Great alternative to Tommy Johns at a fraction of the price.

I was an early buyer of Tommy John underwear and was a huge fan and advocate of there products. But then a few years ago something changed in the quality, but they still charged outrageous prices. I contacted Tommy John to discuss the issues I was having and customer service blamed me for the issues and even though they were still under the 90 day guarantee, would only replace on item, even though the whole batch was having issues for me. All the new underwear was ripping and tearing within weeks, while the batches I had from years previous were still holding up fine under similar use and similar wash. Yup, two-three year old under garments are holding up fine under the same conditions but all the new products are falling a part within weeks but it's something I'm doing- makes perfect seance.

After spending a stupid amount of money on Tommy John's over the years and having negative interactions with the company I set out on a mission to find a replacement. After over a year of experimentation, I finally found David Archy! At less then 1/3 the cost, David Archy products are just as comfortable as Tommy Johns and hold up to normal use (daily use, exercise, washing in a washing machine, drying in a electric dryer).

Sure, this is more expensive then other types of underwear but so comfortable and durable. It's worth the extra money, and trust me, I've tested out dozens of brands and these guys are now my go to.

I did wish it came in a deeper V-neck, since with some shirts you can still see the undershirt.

Good quality, great for travel

Bought these as travel undershirts in an attempt to reduce the number of items I pack. For that I need something that dries quickly after hand washing. These easily dried overnight in my initial test, in fact they seemed dry after just a few hours.

The next need was something cool to wear under my golf polos. These passed that test, as well. They seemed to wick moisture away and keep me somewhat cooler in my humid climate.

They are somewhat form fitting. That makes for a good fit in the chest/shoulders/armpit area. I chose a large. I am 5��-10��, about 195 lbs., 38�� waist. For comfort around the waist I had to forcibly stretch these out a bit, but that worked very well.

Made me throw out all my old undershirts.

I did not know what I was missing. I have been a regular wearer of cotton undershirts for years. I work in offices and wearing a dress shirt without an undershirt is just not an option for me. Cotton undershirts did the trick but they always felt a bit bulky and imminently developed the yellow staining under the armpit area. Also, cotton shirts show through dress shirts, regardless of the color.

These undershirts are paper-thin and soft to almost feeling like silk. Dont get the impression these are that cheesy sateen feel, they are not. These are truly very comfortable. I was on the fence regarding the color grey but given my research, gave them a try. Grey is virtually invisible under white dress shirts. No more visible neck or arm bands!

Holds up in 100 degree heat while wearing a suit!

I sweat a lot. I mean a lot.

I was looking for an undershirt that would feel light and comfy so I would forget I was wearing one, had a deep enough V neck so that with top button of a dress shirt was unbuttoned you couldn't see the dress shirt, and that would keep me cool and catch my sweat when outside wearing a dress shirt or even a suit in the heat.

I just officiated a graveside funeral in 100 degree heat. This shirt kept my sweet feeling cool, instead of hot and gross, and kept the sweat from showing through my dress shirt.

Ordering six more now!

Far and away the best undershirt for the price...possibly the best undershirt all-together!

Bottom line: this is far and away the best quality undershirt you can get for the price, and quite possibly the best undershirt you can own, depending on what you're looking for, which I'll illustrate below:

The black modal v-neck is super lightweight, with under-armor levels of stretch and similar shine, but more structure, making it more wearable as a top layer but still a little too sheer and lightweight for my tastes in an outer layer. However, it's definitely not lighter weight, loose under-armor that fits like a poncho.

Modal is in general an awesome material, and fairly hard to find in a t-shirt (let alone at this price point), it fits almost invisibly under nearly any shirt, and it maintains it's shape, so your sleeves don't bunch up. It's also quite long, so it leaves plenty of room to tuck in (but this might be a negative if you intend on wearing the shirt on it's own). Other than that, the shirt fits a little on the large end compared to a "standard" shirt, but because it both stretches and drapes exceedingly well, I'd still go with your "regular" size, unless you plan on wearing it on it's own on a regular basis.

With that being said, the undershirt closest in quality that I've ever purchased was the same price for a single shirt (which ultimately, wasn't as nice as these)...so moving forward, I'm going all in on these whenever I need new undershirts!

Very nice undershirts

I ordered a 3 pack of both the bamboo, and the modal t-shirts. They were extremely similar in feel, and without feeling them side by side I don't know if I could tell the difference... with the shirts side by side, I was able to sort out what was bamboo and what was modal because the bamboo feels very slightly more cotton-like, while the modal feels more synthetic (breathable but more of a smooth feel, and more cool to the touch). The difference is only slight. The bamboo shirts seem to be slightly more fitted for me, which I like. Overall, I think I prefer the bamboo, but only just barely. I'm very happy with both packs of shirts, and neither are getting returned. I have also slept in both, and both are fine for sleeping in, breathable and don't stick to me or feel sweaty at all (the experience I had with Uniqlo Airism synthetics was the opposite... Uniqlo shirts felt good initially, but eventually felt sticky, and sleeping in them was especially uncomfortable). These shirts are worth the premium you pay for them.