Men's Innerwear Brand DAVID ARCHY Announces 2022 Summer Collection, Keeping Heat out of Summer Days!

Men's Innerwear Brand DAVID ARCHY Announces 2022 Summer Collection, Keeping Heat out of Summer Days!

The summer is in its full swing, casting its unique magic that re-awakens our sensations. As people are soaking themselves in the joy of glorious summer days, men’s innerwear brand DAVID ARCHY has announced the arrival of its summer collection designed with super soft fabrics and state-of-the-art technology that offer the maximum comfort and refreshing feel to help the wearers breeze through the sunny season.

“At DAVID ARCHY, we combine cutting-edge design with attention to detail and impeccable quality to create premium products that meet the evolving lifestyle of our customers. Our 2022 summer collection offerings are integrated with our brand’s signature features as well as new technologies that can offer incredible comfort for everyday wear,” said Jimmy Xu, Design Director of DAVID ARCHY.

Added to the new collection are three technologies that give the materials unmatched odor defense and keep the skin constantly dry:

  • Anti-bromic Tech: it allows silver ions to adhere to the surface of the fabrics and unleash their elemental powers in the fight against the odor-causing bacteria, creating an effective layer of protection that delivers the wearer a complete peace of mind.

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  • OsmoHive® Tech: designed with the honeycomb duct inside the cloth, it can keep the body dry and avoid stickiness by quickly absorbing sweat from the skin surface and draining it to the outer layer.
  • DRYPAD Armpit Sweatproof Technology: designed to be used in the inner layer of clothes, it is capable of quickly sucking the moisture away from the skin surface to a waterproof pad and sealing it. The silver ions on the fabrics are effective in suppressing the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria, making the wearer dry, clean, and odorless.

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The Micro Modal fabrics trunks come with the DAVID ARCHY patented three-dimensional ultra-pouch that allows for extra freedom and optimal ventilation while providing optimum support for all activities. The super-soft MicroModal fabrics offer unparalleled comfort and around-the-clock coolness, combined with an odor-free technology that keeps the unwanted smell at bay.

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The Mesh Quick-Dry trunks provide higher air permeability and rapid moist-wicking performance to ensure all-day comfort. Designed with athletes and travelers in mind, the boxers feature an independent bottom crotch design that enhances flexibility and versatility, with an extra roomy pouch offering sufficient space for body movement.

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