How to improve the men’ s inner wear sense?

How to improve the men’ s inner wear sense

How to choose the men' s underwear that suits you and improve the “inner wear” sense of men? The answer is: fashionable performance, soft and comfortable texture, and best underwear brand for men.


What' s the men' s underwear 's comfort?

First let’s talk about the men' s underwear ' s comfort. It’s basically divided into the following 4 standards:

  1. Water absorption
  2. Breathable underwear for men
  3. Sense of wrapping
  4. Elasticity


The types of men's underwear

In addition to comfort, knowing the style of underwear is also the first step in choosing men 's underwear. Next I will introduce a few men' s underwear styles : 



Briefs are the most common style. Whether you are a person who likes strenuous exercise, or a man suffering from varicocele, you need to choose them.


The athletic underwear is also a kind of briefs. Unlike ordinary briefs, it incorporates a men' s underwear with pockets which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional briefs that are not easy to dissipate heat and wick away perspiration. It is ventilated, so it is loved by countless sporty men and been known as best men' s underwear for running.


It is fuller in shape and has a good buttocks effect. If you have plastic needs to make your body more sexy, then you can also choose briefs, or wear it during exercise to reduce friction on the thighs and crotch.



Due to the high wrapping property of the briefs, it is not suitable for ventilation and perspiration. Normally wearing briefs is too tight for men, which can easily cause local blood circulation, increase in body temperature, and even affect the quality of tadpoles.Seriously, it can also affect fertility.


The men' s trunk briefs are relatively loose, and have better breath ability, better perspiration, and can also reduce friction on the thighs and body to a certain extent, and protect men' s physical health.Be known as the best men' s underwear to prevent chafing.


Whether you are a sedentary office worker and driver, or as a men' s swim trunks, it can bring you incomparable comfort and make the boys more relaxed.


Boxer briefs

Boxer brief underwear are very suitable for wearing in winter, it has a certain warmth, but it’s not suitable for summer, or if you weigh more than 80g, it’s a pity that this pair of underwear will obviously make you feel squeezed, not suitable for people with heavier weight.


Arrow pants

Arrow pants, which suitability of wearing trousers is easy to appear bloated,it is often called "Grandpa underpants", that are the most comfortable of all underwear, which can be worn outside or inside.



The thong can be said to be a less-existent one. Unless you are in love or a married man, it can enhance the interest between you and your partner and is suitable for dating occasions. It is suitable for athletes as well as briefs, but too tight underwear can easily lead to poor or even deformation of your reproductive organs, as well as acne, skin allergies and other problems.



Which fabric is the most comfortable ?



Whether outside wear or personal clothing, many people almost choose best cotton underwear for men, because it is soft in texture, it is not irritating to the skin itself, and it is very comfortable to wear. However, it is not flexible enough, and it is not easy to absorb sweat, and it is easy to feel sticky.


You can choose cotton or synthetic blends, like David Archy underwear , to make sure the fabric of your daily wear intimates is breathable, comfortable and of good quality.

Suitable for: Men who don't sit for a long time and not always to sweat.



Nylon is also called "nylon", used in men' s swim trunks or ice silk long underwear because of its good moisture absorption. It is not only quick-drying, abrasion-resistant, but also highly elastic, but its comfort level is average.


If it is washed with hot water, it will easily lose its elasticity and become hard, and it is not suitable for winter wear.

Suitable for: summer, sweaty or sports people.



Modal is the most popular material for men. It is not only soft, comfortable and smooth, but also has good elasticity and flexibility. Not only that, it has good moisture absorption and perspiration ability. It is also suitable for men who sweat a lot and exercise regularly.



Your body type determines your underwear style

For men 's underwear, in addition to fabric and comfort, size is also very important. Boxer shorts underwear that are too loose or too tight are not ideal.



Trunks are the best choice for men who are thin, muscular and have wide hips.


Boxer briefs:

The boxer briefs are suitable for all kinds of body type and are more versatile. You can choose it while you are going out or sleeping at home.The most comfortable boxers are suitable for men with large waists and well-developed muscles.


David Archy's boxer briefs


The value of underwear style is also your bonus

As a visual animal, in addition to the requirements for material and comfort, men also have requirements for the design of colors and patterns.


1.Choose light-colored underwear


The darker the underwear, the more dye is used. Too much dye can cause contact allergy. If you want to choose dark-colored underwear, it  's better to choose high-quality, famous brand's underwear.


2.The regular patterns is your priority

You can choose the color of the underwear according to personal preference.However, it is recommended to choose regular patterns (such as stripes, chidori patterns, polka dots, collection patterns, etc.), which will look more refined than irregular patterns.


3.Choose high elastic or ribbed waist waist


Because the waistband of underwear is easy to show off, it is necessary to choose high elastic or ribbed waist. It will look much better than elastic.

Above all , here' s are some special type of men' s underwear for you :


David Archy men' s trunk underwear

Made from 92% Micro Modal + 8% Spandex, the men' s 3 Packs Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks provide ultimate soft and comfy touch against your skin. The 3d pouch trunks provides more space, keeping men' s private area comfortable, and isolate male anatomy from inner thighs.


The David Archy' s cotton trunks underwear men are durable for daily wear and no-wedgies to the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment for better comfort. 


3 Packs Micro Modal Ultra Soft Trunks

David Archy men 's boxer brief underwear


The 3 Packs Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs made of American-grown luxury supima cotton  surpasses other men' s cotton boxers underwear in softness, lightweight and durability.


They have long leg boxer briefs with 6.9 inch long will not ride up and stay put waistband won't roll or leave marks, It will be the most suitable boxer briefs for men .


3 Packs Premium Cotton Boxer Briefs

David Archy's briefs

David Archy's 4 Pack Lightweight Brief Underwear are the best males brief pants you will wear. Bamboo briefs with ultra soft fabric is more breathable and lightweight than cotton boxer shorts.


Featured with good air permeability, instant moisture wicking, lightweight and stable dyeing property, it has strong and soft stay put waistband with classic logo which is good to reduce the stimulation to your skin.


With Ultra U-pouch design added onto the under pants to provide more space for men' s private parts without extrusion or constraint. It helps make you confident and sexy wearing our boxer shorts with pouch.


Now guys , it’s time to work hard for yourself to get a clean, comfortable and quality inner wear!

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