3 Pack Quick Dry Long Leg Briefs

Dark Gray
Black/Navy Blue/Olive Green
Black/Navy Blue/Dark Gray
Black/Maroon/Moonlight Blue

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  • Description:
  • 91% Polyamide, 9% Spandex.
  • Imported.
  • Three Versions Available: Mesh-No Fly / Solid-No Fly / Mesh-With Fly. Please kindly refer to the color name carefully before purchase.
  • High technology fast drying fabric is breathable and quick dry to keep you cool and fresh, which makes it best men's boxer briefs 2021.
  • 3D pouch design gives you most comfortable boxer briefs and long boxer shorts support with the greatest freedom of movement.
  • Long leg boxer briefs for full fitting support making a perfect choice for your favorite sports activity.
  • Designed with the traveler in mind, these super soft men’s boxer shorts are lightweight, breathable and fast drying so that you only need to pack 1 or 2 pairs when you're on the go; flat-locked stitching for a seamless, no scratch experience. Get this cheap mens boxer briefs now!
  • Size (waist size): S (28''-30''), M(32''-34''), L(36''-38''), XL(40''-42'').

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Worth the cost for comfy nethers

I have been wearing these and they feel amazing and really you don't feel them riding up or disrupting any of your business south of the border. With the heatwaves hitting the Northeast consecutively, there isn't much you can do about the sweat but these, by far, outperform the other boxer briefs that I have worn while exercising or during physical labor. I can't say anything yet for long-term durability but I think it's quality that is worth the comfort.

Underwear DOES make a difference!

I took the leap from the traditional cotton underwear to David Archy bamboo underwear. My thought...will they feel different, fit different? They do. They are the most comfortable underwear I've worn that really do keep me cooler in the places that count.

and that did me fine. Awhile ago

Recently, I discovered premium mens' underwear. I had always purchased Champion brand boxer briefs from Costco, and that did me fine. Awhile ago, I began trying some of the various premium brand including Mack Weldon, and others. I was very happy with these boxer briefs, but the price just killed me. These were $15-$30 per pair of underwear. There is no way they should cost that much. Later, my son gave me some Me Undies brand boxer briefs as a Father's Day present. I LOVED these boxer briefs, but they too were $20+ each.

I found these David Archy boxer briefs on Amazon. They appear to be made of the same (or very similar) material to the Me Undies micromodal boxer briefs....and at about 1/3 the price. That's all it took for me. They are comfortable, they breathe well and the waist band doesn't roll. They are a great fit, and I would recommend them to any man who wants to move up from bargain box underwear to something more comfortable and premium.

Finally! Men's underwear that lives up to the marketing hype!

These things are seriously comfy. And they're truly breathable. Not "breathable" like the polyester/dri-fit BS that we've been fed by marketers since the days of tricot mesh. Whereas previous wonder fabrics excelled in nothing but itchiness, negating any "wicking" claims made on the label, the bamboo goodness in these David Archy undies is absolutely transparent to moisture and odor, allowing both of these unwelcome guests to exit your inner sanctum toot sweet. If you've ever tried inferior "silky"-type undies, only to be disappointed by the sweatiness of the crap-ass plastic weave binding your boys, then please give these David Archys a try. They are as cool, comfortable, and soft as advertised--and surprising sturdy, too.

Who knew briefs could be this big of game changer!

Briefs fit great. The length is about mid thigh almost a little higher. They don't bunch up or roll up on my legs at all. Extremely light breathable material that I almost forget I'm wearing. The package pouch isn't anything bulky like a jock strap which I was worried it would be. I was wearing Hanes X Temp briefs before and they feel like sand paper compared to these.

Total Comfort!

These trunks are great. It's my third set of David Archy undies (the other 2 were briefs). And all I can tell you is that you MUST try undies made from bamboo. They are so soft and oh so comfortable. And reasonably priced, to boot. C'mon gents, dive into a pair of these N O W !