David Archy® Men’s Micro Modal Separate Pouch Boxer Briefs with Fly 3 Packs

Size Guide
  • 92% Micro Modal / 8% Spandex
  • SOFTNESS: The micro modal is ultra-fine, soft and quick drying; can wicks moisture away from body, make you feel like wearing nothing
  • MAGIC POUCH: Designed based on male's anatomy - two separated pouches for each private parts;prevent from stickness and friction to keep you dry and fresh all day
  • STAYED-DOWN LEGS: Features with 6.5 inches leg length to avoid riding up; ensures thighs feel nothing but comfortable
  • EZY-OFF TAG: The innovative care label is easy to tear off by hand; keeps you away from uncomfortable skin irritations caused by commen lables

How to Wear the Separate Pouch Underwear


  • Step1: Insert your feet through the leg holes and raise the underwear to the hip joint
  • Step2: Examine the two-pouch system. It is most easily identified by the breathable barrier between the pouches
  • Step3: Guide your scrotum into the lower pouch while directing your junk into the top front pouch through the hole. The breathable barrier should comfortably separate the junk from the scrotum in their natural resting position
  • Step4: It is a new sensation and you may want to adjust the undergarment forward or backward to find your position for maximum comfort
  • Step5: You will know it is the right spot when you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all

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