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3 Packs Micromodal V-Neck Undershirt

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  • Micro Modal: 92% Micro Modal+8% Spandex; Bamboo Rayon: 95% Bamboo Rayon+5% Spandex; Supima Cotton: 94% Supima Cotton+6% Spandex
  • Four Kinds of Undershirts for Men Style Available: Micro Modal Standard V neck shirts, Micro Modal Deep V neck tees, Bamboo Rayon Standard V neck shirts, Supima Cotton Standard V neck shirts.
  • Smooth Soft: High-end Micro Modal & Bamboo Rayon & Supima Cotton fabric, to bring you ultra comfort and softness.
  • Classic V-Neck Men's Undershirt: With flated lines; can't be seen underneath a button-down / Deep V-Neck Shirts: Perform well as basic undershirts beneath dress clothes.
  • Close-Fitting And Tagless: Improved size and shape to make mens deep V neck undershirt more fitting; ideal as both underwear and outerwear.
  • Stay Tucked: Perfect length for better tucked in as base layer shirts.
  • Package Dimensions : 13.23 x 9.53 x 1.89 inches; 0.55 kilogram.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 23 reviews
          The feel is unbelievably soft

          The most comfortable under shirt my son has ever worn. The under shirt is so light, it is almost like not having a shirt on at all.

          Super soft

          I originally bought these for myself but when i received them i noticed the arm holes were just too big (more like a muscle tank on me) so i gave them to my male room mate. They are a little tight on him but they fit him better than me and he uses them. Perfect for the summer months

          Andy McLemore
          so comfortable!

          I have purchased 4 sets of these, and love them. this summer has been super hot and these fit and feel great! totally worth it. I just wish they offered a dark grey only option.

          Bruce Honea
          Have not received order yet

          I can not review at this time because I have not yet received my order

          Nice stretchy material

          Nice soft stretchy material, fairly lightweight. Fits about as expected, and shrank only a little after washing/drying. The shoulder seams could probably come in just a little for the fashion concious but can't complain. You may not want to sweat a ton in it as I feel it might get heavy and pull weird cuz of the stretchiness. Will probably show nipples a little bit but not too bad since it's black.

          It's spring

          Very impressive. Actually blocks the wind chill I get wearing cotton. Will sleep in it tonight to evaluate moisture wicking; I expect to be pleased but if I am wrong, I will attempt to update this. I am 75 years old and my thin skin produces challenges I couldn't have foreseen. Will it automatically adjust to too hot/too cold? Wouldn't that be wonderful!

          the fabric is not snagged by the dry skin on my palms ... even silk will snag. I know bamboo is treated with Hydrogen peroxide for use as fabrics - non polluting very long fibers better than Egyptian cotton (Percales). Making garments from this fast growing sustainable grass boggles the mind. With many dozens of species it can even grow in desert like conditions of the high plateau in southeastern Colorado. As a university training ecologist, to have a plant used as structural wood or processed into countless useful to society products seem too good to be true ... I hope I am not mistaken.

          Time to put my new bamboo sheets on the bed!